Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick Review

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Continuing with the HD range by Revlon, here is a gorgeous shade for all the bold bright shade lovers – it’s called “Poinsettia.” I quite like how Revlon has named all the shades in floral array. Read on to know more on this particular shade. The packaging and other details remain the same, so not repeating them.

Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick

Rs. 1100/- for 3 gm.

Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick

My Experience with Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick:

The HD range of Revlon comes in a slightly different packaging than what we have seen from this brand. The lid is transparent and the color is visible from the top. The base has a color-coded sticker with the shade name and number. The tip of the bullet is slightly protruded which can be a bit problematic for clumsy people like me. After a few uses, that would no more be a hassle though. All details about the ingredients and dates are mentioned on the sticker pasted to the body. The base and body is silver color sturdy plastic and the bullet goes in with a lock click. Overall, a nice packaging with that tiny glitch for the first few uses.

Revlon HD lipstick

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The texture of the lipstick is super creamy. It glides on like butter on the lips and coverage in one swipe is pretty much opaque. Though you can go over again to build the pigmentation, there is a chance of the creamy lip color to accumulate into the corners of the lips. In fact, there is no need to go over and over as pigmentation is very nice as far as this particular shade is concerned.

Coral red lipstick

The shade is a beautiful coral red that would look awesome on people of varied skin tones. This is again one lovely shade that I own from the range. The shade is super creamy and a very “happy”color if I may say so; complements the yellowish undertones of my NC 42 skin tone so very well.  I am glad to have this shade in my kitty.

Revlon hd lipstick swatch

The staying power of these lipsticks is worth mentioning as a creamy lipstick is not expected to stay on for a very long time. But the shade has stayed on me for more than 5 hours with meals, with a bit of fading at the centre of the lower lip.

Pink lips

For the record, I did not have any liner beneath. With liner beneath, the staying power would be more, I am sure. It does not feel heavy or dry on the lips which is good if you are considering for a long time wear.

Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick

Pros of Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Nice texture.
  • Stays for long.
  • Non drying.
  • Suitable for a lot of skin tones.

Cons of Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick:

  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Revlon Poinsettia Ultra HD Lipstick?
I may not repurchase as I will not wear this bright shade too often to finish it up, but I would definitely recommend this to creamy coral-red lovers.

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