Revlon Powder Blush 010 Classy Coral Review

Revlon Powder Blush 010 Classy Coral

Revlon Powder Blush with Pop-Up Mirror. For a soft, natural blush of color. Brush over cheeks for natural blushing color. With a good-for-your-skin Botanical Complex of Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Grapeseed Extracts. Pop-Up Mirror for easy application anywhere, anytime.

INR 550

I have reviewed the wine not and haute pink shades from this range. I recently picked up this classy coral shade too.
Today I have a blusher review that I am really in two minds about. This blush is the most amazing peach coral on my skin tone, it looks the most natural coral on my skin, in a matte finish, but the blush on its own, well read on to know why I am not so impressed with the blush despite how beatiful it looks on my skin tone.


I like the packaging, matte black, comes with a small brush which I do not use, the mirror is half the size of the cap inside and it is quite usable. The shade name label, I like everything though the plastic could be slightly cheap-feeling.The brush is useless.


The texture is not soft, it is satin chalky kind of, as in there is a lot of powder flying when you dip the brush. It is not very chalky but yes it cannot be called a very smooth texture either. You dont really get any real color when you swipe it.


Pgimentation is poor,the color comes out a light silvery peach and on the brush it is a major peach powder.You need to really build it up on the cheeks in 4-5 swipes, only then you would be able to see color, that is if you are fair skin toned.


Color is a matte peach, not so coral, but on me, it looks like the most stunning natural peach color. I am fair to medium and my cheeks have slight pinker tones, so this just enhances the cheek color and it looks such a natural peach blush, it won my heart for this reason but I cannot ignore how poorly pigmented it is. It is matte but has a very light sheen to it.


On the cheeks this looks pure matte, so oily skin would love it, but make sure to build it up in 5 swipes.

Lasting power:

It stays only for two hours, it barely stains and it is barely pigmented so it does not last for very long. Dry skin may happen to make it last slightly longer.


I am not impressed with the chalky poor pigment it has, but the way this color shows up on me, it is the perfect blusher for fair clear skin tone for office, it looks very very natural, you can never go overboard with it, but darker skin can skip it. For the color I wish I could give it 5/5 but overall this gets:

IMBB rating:


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