Revlon Powder Blush Haute Pink Review

Revlon Powder Blush Haute Pink

Revlon Powder Blush with Pop-Up Mirror. For a soft, natural blush of color. Brush over cheeks for natural blushing color. With a good-for-your-skin Botanical Complex of Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Grapeseed Extracts. Pop-Up Mirror for easy application anywhere, anytime.

INR 550

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After reviewing the disastrous shade of wine not, which had poor pigment and texture, I have a slightly better shade to review today, which at least has a buildable dark shade which my brush picks up much better.Overall I am very sad about the texture they have. ..they could be so much softer but anyway.
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I love the packaging, matte black, comes with a small brush which I do not use, the mirror is half the size of the cap inside and it is quite usable. The shade name label, I like everything though the plastic could be slightly cheap-feeling.I think for the cost I am okay, since if you you compare the L’Oreal lucent magique, that has a grand packaging but then it costs 850 😛 anyway so much for the comparison.
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The texture is not at all soft.YOu will need a harder brush to get some color on, on the fingers it will need multiple swiping but honestly wine not was worse. So this one has a softer texture than the other shade and it can be worked with easily with a not-so-soft brush.


Pigmentation is very average, may be lower than average.What I am happy about it though it feels poor, a good large brush helps you build the color up, you can easily see the color on the cheeks in two swipes, Wine not shade would not showup in upto 5 swipes. SO yes pigmentation is good to be worked with, not amazing, but very average and can be built up in two swipes.
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The color is a true pink. like the best pink for a blusher. I think this is a natural color for many neutral to cool skin tones, their natural blush color. The color can be called a little cooler pink. The color is a nice matte and on the cheeks one swipe will give you nice natural flush of pink.


The finish is pure matte though on the pan it looks slightly pearly. On the cheeks it is a natural pink, matte, but more than two swipes might be an overload of pink.It is on the natural matte side with a nice gentle swipe.
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Lasting Power

It lasts me for 3 plus hours which is not bad, it comes off easily on oily skin or even with a simple face wash.Lasting power would be slightly better on foundation and powder.

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I would recommend this to pro blush wearers, this could be an over the top blush when not used well.Cool and neutral skin tones can try this shade and this can be worn lightly to office or for day wear too. It could be smoother and more pigmented for sure.

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