Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer Review

I have been using Philips Hair Dryer to style my hair till recently, but it didn’t really do a good job because I was trying to use 220V equipment on 110V, but I didn’t really think of investing in a better dryer because I prefer to air dry my hair rather than subject it to harsh and damaging hot air blast. Nevertheless, I bought the Revlon Styler because it was on sale and I got a good deal on it.

Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer

Product Description:
Create your favorite hairstyles in less time with this Revlon Pink 1875W Ionic Styler Dryer. It has three heat options and two speeds that allow you to adjust the settings in accordance to the texture of your tresses. This pink hair dryer uses ionic technology, giving you less frizz. It also has a cold shot button for setting styles and a concentrator attachment for precise results.

Revlon Pink 1875W Ionic Styler Dryer:

  • Ionic technology.
  • Faster drying.
  • 3 heat, 2 speed settings.
  • Cold shot button.
  • Removable end cap.
  • Concentrator attachment for precision styling.
  • Revlon ionic hair dryer is lightweight.

Product details


My Take on Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer:

I am not that excited about this product because the first time I used it, the hot air blast was too feeble even on the high setting and it didn’t seem to do anything significant to my hair. Initially, I thought it was because it is 1875W instead of 2200W, but I am not sure how much that matters. When I tried to read reviews of this product online, I couldn’t find any mention of temperature.

Revlon hair dryer

Dryer body and controls:  The dryer body is made up of rose pink plastic (the type of plastic most hair equipment is made up of). It has a detachable front nozzle for more concentrated heat application and the black plastic mesh at the rear is also detachable for cleaning purposes. The Philips hair dryer has a foldable handle which is a good space saver but not the Revlon one which is a bit of a letdown.

Cool shot button

It has three temperature settings, but like I mentioned before, none of them is potent enough for proper styling or drying. It also has a cold air blast button which is perfect for sealing a hair do and the transition from hot to cold air and vice versa is really fast (in seconds).

Cord: It has a really long cord and the plug has a lock and reset button. Lock button is to lock the plug in socket and I am not sure what the reset button does.

This hair dryer looks pretty because of the pink color.  It keeps my hair frizz free, but more than that, it doesn’t do anything to my hair. Also, a lot of people wrote online that either the handle caught fire or the heating element broke down and this piece of information freaked me out and made me wary of using it anymore.

Pros of Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer:

  • Has a pretty rose pink body.
  • It has a cold air blast button as well.
  • Has three temperature settings.
  • Has a really long cord and can be moved around 360 degrees.
  • Keeps hair frizz free.
  • Not that expensive and is easily available.
  • Has a detachable nozzle for concentrated heat application.

Cons of Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer:

  • Maximum temperature setting is not hot enough.
  • Handle is not foldable.
  • There are chances it might catch fire (as per other customers response).

Would I Repurchase Revlon RV474 1875W Frizz Control Hair Dryer?

No, because I think it will last me a while but I don’t recommend it to others because it does not perform well and there are better options in market in the same price range.

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