Revlon SkinLights Face Illuminator Review, Uses

Revlon Skinlights Review :

This one was a gift from a friend who was visiting from US. I had a choice to pick up either this one or a body mist and I picked up the skinlights since it looked something new to me, something I hadn’t used until then while I already had a couple of body mists with me. When I went home and opened the packing I was really glad I picked this for myself since. I just got a little amount of this on my hands and could instantly see the shine it gave…I knew I could use this as a gr8 highlighter!! Another friend of mine liked this too and so we went to see if this was available in India too as we wern’t sure of that…. We did find this very easily at all the Revlon counters but the price is what shocked us as it was around 650 Rs…and when we checked with our friend how much it costed in US….we were all the more shocked to hear it was only for 1.99$!! yes!! Just around 100 Rs!! This made me all the more happy that I picked the skinlights and not the body mist as I don’t think I would have ever purchased it myself in India

Now let me stop my blabbering and lets get to seeing how this thing works?

Revlon Skinlights
Revlon Skinlights

Revlon skinlights is an instant skin brightener..that’s what the packaging says.

Revlon skinlights comes in a sleek tube with a pump dispenser. The opening of the pump is really small and hence you can easily control the amount of product. In any case, since this is a skin brightener, one needs to be careful with the amount of product you use since overuse will make you look like a disco ball. It has SPF15 which is you don’t need to lather sunscreen before using this.

Revlon Skinlights pump
Revlon Skinlights pump

Revlon skinlights comes in 4 shades, I have the shade 04 Bare Light.

I am not too sure if Skinlights is still available…I read couple of comments on IMBB mentioning its discontinued. I could not find this product listed on Revlon’s website too. So not too sure about it.

I mainly use the skinlights for parties and wedding functions. It gives a very nice dewy kind of a look which is apt of such occasions. You need very very less amount of this product else be prepared to get some weird looks from people around you. The only thing which one needs to be careful about while using this is to apply it with a very light hand else you can easily go overboard with the highlighter.

Revlon Skinlights Swatch
Revlon Skinlights Swatch

Can you see the the subtle shine?? I hope you are able to

Revlon Skinlights Swatches blended
Revlon Skinlights Swatches blended

Pros of Revlon Skinlights

  • I find it a multi-purpose highlighter. You could use it on your face. Though with this one needs to be careful with the amount of product you use, but if does work well on overall face too especially for evening / night parties/ functions.
  • For day time you can mix this with a moisturizer to get a dewy look. Works very well this way.
  • Use this only on your cheekbones as a highlighter
  • Use this on your back with a saree or deep back dress
  • You can also use this on the bow of your lips, works as a perfect highlighter there.
  • Works very well on the brow bone too as a highlighter when you are not doing any heavy eye makeup but just want that shine on your eyes.
  • Though the price is on the higher side, a little goes a loooong way…but that also means you are stuck with it for a long time
  • The pump dispenser helps control the amount of product you use and since you don’t dip your fingers in the product, its very hygienic
  • It has SPF15 which eliminates the need to apply a separate sunscreen.
  • It does not give any oiliness to my face so I think it should work well for oily skin people too. However I cant be totally sure about this as I don’t have oily skin.
  • The fragrance is not really overwhelming. It has a very mild pleasant fragrance so if you have a sensitive nose, this wont hurt you.
  • This foundation feels very light on the skin, not at all heavy.

Cons of Revlon Skinlights

  • – You could look like a disco ball if you go overboard with the product, but in such a case you can always correct it with a powder compact.
  • The price is definitely on the higher side but then I never really understand Revlon’s pricing. But for the amount of product you use each time, the price is somewhere worth it.
  • It’s probably discontinued now. I don’t understand why do cosmetic companies discontinue that most running product!! Don’t see any logic in this.

A liquid highlighter is not really a must have item in your vanity case. You have various other options like powder highlighters etc but if you feel this is something you really want to add to your vanity kit Revlon skinlights is definitely a good option if you can manage to find this.

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32 thoughts on “Revlon SkinLights Face Illuminator Review, Uses

  1. HD, fantastic review. And yes these look much better than the new ones. Infact i quite like the shade as well. Much suited for Indian skin tones. The new one I felt was lighter than this.

    Btw how does it look in photos?

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Actually in the new ones, I didnt like the brush that came along…hvnt checked in person though so not sure abt the lightness… these photograph well…but then again you need to use a light hand while applying…

  2. Hey HD, said it correct, over use can make one look like disco ball….you were talking about his highlighter yesterday, isn’t it…..did you use the powder one, which costs somewhat in the same range…about Rs. 675 or so….. ?:-)

    1. i got the streetwear version of the same thing, pump bottle and all.. its pink.. and came in 2 variants i think.. its a much cheaper version.. but mine came broken inside the seal.. 🙁 its actually okay to use still.. and as she said.. a liquid highlighter is not a must have, but it was okay for the price which i dont remember..!

      1. I think streetwear products are cost much lesser than other brands…but hows the quality? how much did it cost you?

        @ Jomol : Havnt used the powder form…yes you can look like a disco ball but it can be easily corrected with compact 🙂

        1. i dont exactly remember .. but it was less than Rs 300 definitely.. smells weird.. i found it a little sticky.. so umm i dont know.. :idk: :idk: 🙂

  3. HD great review, as i never used highlighter under my foundation, i wanted to ask if complexion ‘enhancer’ works the same way.

    I have one tube from Bourjouis that is quite okay but very shiny to be used as the SA said, all over the whole face… so asking ya 😀

    1. hey Deb this is supposed to be used over ur foundation or base makeup…so wht you can do it use the highlighter only on the parts you wanna enhance rather the whole face….if the enhancer is vry shiny to be used on the whole face you can try mixing it w moisturizer…shud work well tht way

  4. Skinlights is available in India too but in two shades only. Pink light and Peach light. Yes as you say, it does give a dewy look . It is easily absorbed and doesn’t become oily . Good for Oily skin too.

  5. thats a nice review HD how about adding ur pic in the last ???

    i know i know 🙁 still feeling shy …:D

    u know the lastest trend of season is using highlighters in full swing:):)

  6. hey shiny disco ball :P.. just teasing.. nice review. I agree with Rashmi, wish you had put ur pic up too, interesting product

  7. I am using this product for quite some time and its great for parties n as a highlighter in day time.Little expensive but worth it.

  8. I have used this and it is truly amazing 😀 Love it to the core… Though they have increased the price now 🙁
    A friend of mine is getting married and I have insisted that she include this in her wedding cosmetics’ shopping list :rotfl: :laugh: :evilgrin: :highfive:

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