Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System

Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System

Hi Friends,

Today, I am going to review a must-have product – epilator and shaver from Revlon. I have been using it since 7-8 months and thought of reviewing it.  Anyhow, I wanted to limit my visits to the parlour cum beauty schools here, which are nothing, but a big mess seriously.  You will never get a look you want :(.  It’s only good for hair coloring or massaging. So, after browsing my favorite site for online shopping, I ordered Revlon’s model RV 565! Read on further to know my experience with it.

Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System


I bought it for approximately US $46 online some 7-8 months ago, but now, its price is hardly US $ 34.

Product Features:

Take the pain out of shaving with Revlon’s Smooth and Glamorous Hair Removal System. Just let the gentle 2-in-1 epilator and shaver go to work on your fuzz, and enjoy the feel of silky-smooth skin for up to six weeks. Features rubberized non-slip slide grips.

  • Patented design.
  • Epilator with curved design and two speed settings.
  • Shaver with two intercept trimmers.
  • Convenient power transfer for efficient grooming.
  • Rubberized non-slip side grips and on/off switch.
  • AC adapter.
  • Deluxe travel/storage pouch.
  • Cleaning brush and Instructional booklet.

Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System

My Experience with Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System:

I love this pink cute appliance. Initially, I was scared to use it as it is an electrical appliance but it hardly matters.  What I liked most about this product is the independent epilating head with 2 speed settings and shaving head with one speed setting, which makes it gentle and effective for delicate as well as normal areas.

Hair Removal System 1

Its contoured shape makes it so easy and comfortable to handle and use.

Moreover, its really easy to use when we use epilator head, just place this bottom cover over shaver head and if using shaver head, then place it over the epilator head for plug in.

Hair Removal System 2

Its always advisable and helpful to read the instruction booklet before using any appliance.  The booklet carries instructions in Spanish along with English language which I also use as my guide for learning Spanish at home 😛

Hair Removal System 3

Personally, I found it really great for my sensitive skin. I usually go for epilator as it removes the hair from roots and I feel soft and smooth skin for a longer period, but it hurts a lot initially 😛

Hair Removal System 4

As per the instructional booklet, I stretch the desired area and lightly place the epilating head against the skin at a slight angle and move it in gentle circular movements without using any pressure. In this way, it hurts less and believe me, after 2-3 uses, the pain is all gone and it actually becomes a fun task to epilate with low and high speed 😛

Hair Removal System 5

I used the shaver head only twice or thrice, that too for safe and quick removal of hair from underarms during 4-5 months of summer.  Usually, its cold and windy, so no scope of sleeveless clothes. While using the shaver head, move the appliance in up and down motions, it has only one speed setting. As per the instructional booklet, for longer hair, trimming edges are to be used. Straight trimming edge should be used on relatively flat skin while curved trimming edge should be used for curved areas like underarms, etc.

Hair Removal System 6

It is given in the booklet that this appliance is virtually maintenance free and comes with limited 12 months warranty.  If necessary, just wipe the exterior with damp cloth only. It is not advisable to use cleaning brush directly on the shaver head. For cleaning shaver head, we have to just grab both sides of the shaver foil and pull it off and just clean stray hairs from the hair pocket using the cleaning brush which comes along with package.  For cleaning shaver foil head, just tap it onto a piece of paper toweling to dislodge any hairs. While we may use cleaning brush to brush away stray hairs from epilator head. We may also use cotton swabs with running alcohol to remove any residue from the epilator tweezers. But never soak cotton swabs or tweezers in alcohol. Water, liquid, abrasives or any cleansers are a strict no-no.

Hair Removal System 7

I am really happy after using it for 7-8 months. Initially, it was a big pain and my sensitive skin used to become red and bumpy after using the epilator, so I used to apply moisturizer over my skin, but as per the instructional booklet, my problem subsided in just 2-3 uses unlike waxing. I cannot withstand waxing especially in parlours cum schools here.  Even I used to apply mild exfoliating creams against the hair’s direction of growth while washing my legs or hands to expose any possible ingrown hairs. I hardly notice hair on my hands or legs before 4 weeks. The real task is to tolerate initial pain, the rest becomes easier and easier, and there is no gain without pain 😛

Its also given in the booklet to wash skin thoroughly with warm water and soap and not to apply any lotion, cream, oil, powder or moisturizer before epilating or shaving. But I used to apply a little bit of moisturizer half an hour before epilating, as hydrated skin hurts less unlike rough and dry skin! I hardly use it before a month. For delicate areas like underarms, I use the shaver head as I mentioned earlier.  Since I became a mom, this pain really feels much smaller than what I had experienced during labour and all 😛

I just love my silky smooth hands and legs for a month.

Pros of Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System:

  • It is specially designed to give silky and smooth results fast.
  • The independent epilating and shaving heads are ideal for removing longer hair or shaving shorter hair and stubble.
  • Its contoured shape also makes handling easy and comfortable for sensitive areas.
  • Epilating head is provided with 2 speed settings for getting maximum benefits.
  • Price range is affordable, it hardly costs more than one time of whole body waxing.
  • Feel silky smooth skin for longer time period unlike waxing.
  • Easy to clean appliance.

Cons of Revlon Smooth and Glamorous Gentle 2 in 1 Hair Removal System:

  • Its an electrical gadget, hence use it after thoroughly reading instructions and the user manual guide.
  • The rubber on exterior area of the appliance tends to attract dirt, so its advisable to keep it in a cool and dry place.

Overall, I would say its wonderful to get both epilator and shaver at such an affordable price. It looks very attractive too. I would use it till its rubber gets worn off completely.

I hope my review was helpful to you.

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    1. Oh.. epilators cause pain dats true!! I knw hair removal can Nvr be fun.. 🙁 be it eyebrow plucking or any other way..

  1. I have Philips Epilator Satinelle Soft (HP6512/00) I like it, no it doesn’t hurt that much, if you can bear pain of waxing then you can bear this pain too.

  2. may be tolerance power depends person to person.. 🙂 sumtimes its nt pain bt that unusual weird feeling which makes us nervous

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