Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Cherries In The Glow Review

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss-Cherries In The Glow Review


Revlon is one of my go-to makeup brands. I have yet to be disappointed with any of its products. It has these lovely shades that are seldom found in any other brand and it is an unmatched queen of lip color and nail paints.

I purchased this gloss on a whim while browsing the counters for pretty looking shades. I had never used a Revlon lip gloss earlier and this was a first for me. I tried the shade and fell in love with it.

revlon super lustrous gloss cherry in the glow

About the product: The packaging is rather sleek and the applicator is a regular doe-foot applicator which I prefer more than a brush-like one. It has a mild fragrance, not overpowering at all. It is better than most other lip glosses I have tried. Only Chambor stands a fair chance in front of it as far as beautiful colors and texture go, but loses to it with regard to the duration it can stay put. The price is at par with other lip glosses, around Rs. 525.

Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss Cherries in the Glow Review

The high points of this product are definitely the color and the texture of the gloss. The color is a subtle warm red. The gloss is regular shine and not sparkly. It is perfect for giving you those bee-stung lips. I have pigmented lips and I still love it. So I imagine the people who would love it even more are those who have nude or less pigmented lips.


As you can see, the shade is such that it would suit everyone, any time. It is perfect for day wear, when typical sparkly lip glosses are too much to handle. It also works well as a layering gloss for night wear. It gives lips a lovely shine and the gloss stays on for pretty long too.

It stays on after drinking water and is not sticky too. I would say it is a must-have product for everyone who wants a my-lips-but-better colored gloss. It has SPF 6 as well so added sunscreen protection is provided.

It is rather interesting to see that it can adapt itself to suit your mood. You can put it on your bare lips and it will be a very natural, reddish shine on your lips. If you use concealer on the lips and wash away the pigmentation, upon application, it will give you the illusion of having perfectly colored lips with a nude gloss swiped over them.

If you layer it under/over a lipstick, it will infuse more red and warm tones in the lip color, thus making it perfect for all cool tones of lip colors that you have. It is also perfect for days when you don’t want to use makeup/look too made-up. A great thing is that when it is fading off, it leaves behind just a stain of a little red on your lips, thus saving you from looking completely without any color.

Bare lips for reference:

bare lips

With gloss

revlon gloss cherries


Pros of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss-Cherries In The Glow:
1. Lovely reddish color. Can give you a range of colors depending upon how you wear it.
2. Lasts a long time.
3. No sticky feeling. The best part.
4. Very moisturizing.
5. Has SPF
6. Complete value for money.
7. Suits all skin tones.
8. Lovely packaging.
9. Mild fragrance

Cons of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss-Cherries In The Glow:
1. I believe it’s not available at many Revlon counters.
2. Not too pigmented. I wish it had a little more red in it. It doesn’t hide the dark undertones in certain parts of my lips.

Would I purchase this product again? Yes I definitely would and I hope it is still available. I would also recommend it to anyone who is off glosses because they are sticky and hardly last.
Rating: 4 stars (-0.5 for availability, 0.5 for the color being a little less pigmented)

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  1. I love this gloss, its my fav red gloss other than NYX’s mega shine gloss in juicy red……I love sheer red glosses, they kinda make your lips look a little plumper and very natural :makeup:

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  2. One con of these revlon lipglosses is the packaging..i bought 3 of these at the same time and all broke near the mouth of the bottle…this is one defective revlon design..its a shame as these are very nice lipglosses but not travel friendly if they dont do something about the packaging…

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