Revlon Whimsical Perfumed Body Lotion Review

Revlon whimsical perfumed body lotion with aloe and chamomile extracts

I have a story behind this purchase. I got this from dorabjees pune and it happened so that I was eyeing St. Ives whipped silk body lotion , the last piece on the shelf and had walked past the aisle thrice, lifted the bottle up kept it down and just when a teenaged girl came saw conquered, picked up the whipped silk and went ahead. Her cart was brimming with other toiletries and at least three other body lotion ☹ I really wanted that whipped silk by st ives as it was in the old packaging and had some kind of charm about it . that’s when I saw whimsical by Revlon n I had to pick it up to make up for my loss 😥 any way, the bottle looked so attractive n pretty shaped and it said perfumed so it was very tempting. I did not have a single perfumed body lotion then and I was very impressed by the look of this product and had to get it . the one mistake I made was not having smelled the fragrance at the store before getting 🙁  it had no idea the perfume would be so strong and chameli like!

Revlon whimsical perfumed body lotion

Read on to know the other aspects of the lotion , which are not so bad. 🙂

Revlon whimsical perfumed body lotion with aloe and chamomile extracts :

revlon Body Lotion

Price Rs 185 for 250 ml
Shelf life of good three years

The rich luxuriant formula is enhanced with aloe vera which provide an advanced hydrating action to soothe while protecting and nourishing your skin.

Revlon perfumed body lotion

Smooth all over body after bath or shower. as a final touch add a spray of whimsical body spray

I have read several times that layering the fragrance on the body in the same family of talc, deo, soaps , shower gels perfume, edt really helps it last longer, I don’t have that kind of patience so I took the short cut out n took a perfumed body lotion to cut the story short to couple it up with any other body spray. Even whimsical has a same deo spray form this fragrance family but I had no intention of getting it either.

Revlon lotion

Whimsical is a true perfumed lotion with a very very string fragrance of “chameli” and mixed with like wet grass or something, the smell is very overpowering to be honest and I just cant go beyond talking about the smell to the lotion. But on the other hand the lotion is creamy, crème colored soft and light little water based in feel, quite quick to get absorbed, leaving skin absolutely soft n moisturised. So far I have no complaints about it functioning as a body lotion and it does a great job as a body lotion , even I would say as a body lotion but just that I not at all happy with the strong fragrance that it has 🙁  its just not my kind of fragrance at all and its very over the top. The fragrance lasts for three hours easily if you were to walk into a closed room , you will be easily sensed as its so strong and need to go very light with application. The smell is very much like chameli on application and turns more floral in some time in my opinion , another reason why I dislike the perfume may be I got it while I was pregnant an just could not stand the smell. Even when I try it today after so many months I am not fond of the fragrance. that does not in any way mean that it’s a bad product and wont work for you, it may very well work for u as its fragranced, moisturising fast absorbing and pretty lady like bottle to own 🙁 it’s a great product just that the smell doesn’t agree with me. 🙁


revlon body lotion swatches

Last word:
It’s a good moisturising perfumed lotion there is nothing bad about the product .just that the fragrance doesn’t agree with me . I find it very over the top. Please ensure u smell it before buying it☺

Rating: 3.5 on 5

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31 thoughts on “Revlon Whimsical Perfumed Body Lotion Review

  1. neha i totally loved the thick creamy consistency of lotion but chameli smell is nothing something i enjoy at all. it reminds me of my body shop moringa body butter, :yikes:

    1. ya 😀 it was like a mix of chameli n some grass
      i donno some ppl may smell it differently but what ever the smell its def ott :yikes:

      1. chameli and grass :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: where did you take this piccy.. the dp one. is super pretty. 🙂

        1. now that YOU said il put it on
          otherwise i was still lookin for a gud pic
          akhir beauty blog hai na toh dp thoda :dumb: 😀

  2. arre baap re… itni overpowering smell hai ki u talking about only the smell in ur full review.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    but the bottle is so nice.. i’ll pick it up if its available in a another fragrance mayb milder 1.. tthankuu for reviewing this nehaa.. :puchhi:

  3. the name says whimsical… hehhehehee
    even I had come across this is Dorabjees… the SA was very happy showing this… and it dsnt even smell like faint chameli… it hits ur nose….
    i toh ran away!

    1. :lol2: bee sachi
      hahahah pata nahi how i cudnt smell
      i was floored by the bottle name revlon etc
      😆 lotion acah hai but once u open it :stars:

  4. I used whimsical the whole of last year. I had to smell good for a long time, cause I spent like 8 hours in school. It is a strong smell, yeah.. but I somehow like it 🙂 and it’s light and totally shine-free, which was what I fell for 😛

  5. Too bad you dislike the scent as it looks so creamy Taps, and the bottle looks nice too. :)) But personally when I don’t like the scent of a lotion, no matter how moisturizing it is, I end up not using it. :-/

  6. Thanks for the review! 🙂
    Lukin at da consistency,I think its better for ppl wid dry skin so although I dont mind da chameli fragrance,I’ll stay away from it.

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