Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water Review

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Removing your makeup properly is the most important thing if you want a good, clear skin. I do not wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, but I really love to experiment with looks during the weekends when I go out with friends. That’s when my makeup is moderately heavy and I prefer cleansing it thoroughly before getting into my night-time skin care routine. I wanted to get some micellar water as it is too gentle on skin. I came across this Makeup Revolution Cleansing Watrer and it looked equally tempting. Read on further to know if I am happy with the product or not.

Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water bottle

Product Description:
Affordable, professional skincare is now yours. At last the ultimate professional makeup removing cleansing water is available to all.
Makeup Revolution’s Pro Cleanse Facial Cleansing Water with Vitamins A, B and C, is specially formulated by our skincare professionals to gently remove all traces of makeup, impurities and surface grime.
Alcohol and Fragrance Free. This water-fresh cleanser, softens and soothes while reviving the skins natural radiance, leaving it feeling silky smooth, refreshed and makeup free.

Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water details on the bottle

My Experience with Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water:

This product comes in a white, opaque plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The product name is written with black and golden. Details of the product are printed on the back of the bottle. The cap shuts with a tight click and the product does not leak. Overall, the packaging is pleasing and convenient.

Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water

The product is light, non-sticky and watery. It is not heavy and has no oily feel to it. This cleansing water claims to be fragrance and alcohol free and I believe those claims are true. There is no alcohol kind of a smell or feel in the product. I prefer soaking a cotton pad in it and rinsing the makeup with that. It does not feel sticky or oily on the skin and glides pretty easily. It is effective in removing every trace of makeup with just a few strokes.

Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water cap

This cleansing water cleanses my face and removes all heavy base makeup perfectly. It deep cleanses pores and prevents any chance of clogged pores or breakouts. Also, it is very effective and gentle as an eye makeup remover and smoothly removes eyeshadows, liner, mascara and kajal. It works effectively on waterproof makeup too. It feels gentle on the lips and removes the long-stay, smudge-proof lip stains. However, it takes some time to remove the smudge-proof, waterproof makeup. As it is too gentle and is not an oil-based remover, I think that is fine. It pulls out all impurities and dirt from the skin and leaves a non-oily, well cleaned, soft and smooth skin.

Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water before and after usage

It feels soothing and hydrating o the skin too. It is also rich in essential vitamins which is a huge plus point. Although I prefer using a moisturizer after this, but it does not rip of moisture from the face. I mean, if you feel too lazy after a long day and go to sleep after removing your makeup with this one, it won’t make your face completely dry. It never irritates skin and is suitable for all skin types.

This is one of the best makeup removers that I have used and I will definitely grab it again.

Pros of Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water:

  • Convenient and pleasing packaging.
  • Super affordable and will last long.
  • Lightweight, non-greasy and non-oily texture.
  • Smells good and feels fresh.
  • Cleans skin deeply and removes impurities as well.
  • Removes all types of face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup.
  • Deeply nourishes skin with the vitamins in it and makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Works quickly and no need to rinse off immediately.
  • Does not make skin dry.
  • Does not irritate skin, would suit sensitive skin.

Cons of Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water:

  • Not super effective in removing water-proof, smudeproof makeup.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water?
Yes to both. This cleanser is especially great for dry, sensitive skin.

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