Ribbon and Pearl Accordion Bracelet and Neck Piece: Do It Yourself

Ribbon and Pearl Accordion Bracelet and Neck Piece: Do It Yourself

Hello ladies,

I am so glad you all liked my earlier DIY article on the Pink and Gold Statement Bangle. I thank you all for your lovely comments. Do try it out and let me know how it turns out.


Today, I am back with another DIY project.  This is a ribbon and pearl bracelet which resembles the musical instrument “accordion.”

Materials Used:

How To Make Pearl  Necklace 4

  • Satin ribbon – Size 1/2 cm.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • A string of pearls.


Thread should match or should be close to the colour of the satin ribbon you select.


1. Take the ribbon and leave 15 cm from the starting point and fold the ribbon in a zig-zag folding pattern (this is also known as Accordion fold). The folds should measure approximately 0.5 cm.

Image 5 to 7


While folding the ribbon in a zig-zag pattern, press the folds so that the lines where the fold is created are visible once you unfold the ribbon.  The folds should measure same throughout for a neat look.

2. Thread the needle and secure the thread in the needle with a knot (the knot should be thick such that it does not pass through the satin ribbon on pulling it from the opposite side).

3. Take two folds (of the satin ribbon) and insert the needle through the centre of the folds and then insert a pearl through the needle.

Image 8 to 11

4. Now, take the next two folds and insert the needle through their centre and pull it out from the other side. This is when the pearl will be secured between the folds.

5. Now, continue till you get the desired length (measure it on your wrist) alternating between two ribbon folds and pearls. (I have used 16 pearls).

Image 12

6. Once you are done inserting all the pearls, take out the needle from the last ribbon fold and stitch and secure the thread such that the ribbon does not unfold.

Image 13

7. Now, tie a knot before the first and after the last fold.  Leave approximately 15 cm ribbon from the last fold and cut the loose ends of the ribbon in an inverted “V” shape as seen in the image below.

Image 14

The Ribbon and Pearl Accordion Bracelet is ready.

Image 15

Your bracelet is ready to be worn, now all you have to do is put it over your wrist and tie a bow knot. You can also wear it as a neck piece, but for that you will have to leave more ribbon (more than what you leave for bracelet) before the first and last fold depending on how high or low you want the neck piece to be. Measure the ribbon keeping in mind that you require more ribbon to tie a bow knot.

Pearl Necklace

Thank you for reading. I hope you like the bracelet and the tutorial.

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54 thoughts on “Ribbon and Pearl Accordion Bracelet and Neck Piece: Do It Yourself

  1. wow it is too good… looks so cute… will try in in all different colours… 🙂
    thank you for sharing 😉

    1. Thanks so much Gowme.. And I am soo happy your mum love this one..Thank you aunty yayyy.. Thanks so much again… 🙂

  2. Dipti this is such creative idea and gorgeous looking jewellary piece 🙂 looks so cute 🙂 i might try it myself now…

    1. yep Melissa it will look cute on kids and it’s a no fuss bracelet as in no lobster clasps all you have to do is just tie a bow knot..

  3. Its beautiful and so elegant. Will make it for my niece, she’ll look lovely in it. This will also look pretty as a head band or when tied around a bun.

    1. Thanks Nidhi.. wow.. what an idea.. it will look great when tied around a bun.. super idea.. thanks so much Nidhi.. 😀 😀

  4. Wow! I super duper love this! I’ve been seeing this at the mall and I’d like to own one. Now I can even make a lot of this kind and with so many colors. You are so creative. 🙂 I love your DIYs Dipti. 🙂

    1. Oh I have never seen these at malls..I always look for bracelets and neckpieces which I can recreate on my own instead of purchasing it..

      Thanks so much Val.. I am so glad you are liking my DIYs.. Thanks a bunch hun 🙂

  5. nice diy dipti…i have made the similiar one witout pearls:) ur diys r making me go bac to my crafts:) thanks a lot:)

    1. Soundarya thanks 🙂

      I will make one without pearls too it will look great.. I enjoy arts and crafts.. Isn’t it fun to make things on your own and then use them? 😀 😀

  6. wow wow wow.. feels great to see so many creative diys around!! am definitely making it for my baby.. 🙂 thank u so much for this pretty idea.. muahhhhhhhh

    1. Neetu thanks hun.. :* I am glad you like it..

      It will look super cute on Aadya… do share her pic wearing this once you make this for her.. 🙂 🙂

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