How to Look Rich

Now who does not want to look rich and make an impression on others? You don’t necessarily have to have a whooping bank account to look well-off and imposing. Mentioned below are few techniques that can help you look rich, and impress people with only a few actions.


Think ‘classic’ before dressing up. Your clothes should shout sophistication; go for well fitted pieces in relaxed muted colours. Pay attention to the fabric as well, classic fabrics like cotton, cashmere, tweed, wool get more appreciation than polyester.

• Wear outfits that compliment your body shape. It’s no use wearing expensive shirts and branded trousers if you’ve got the fit wrong. Wear well fitted, clean and neatly ironed clothes. You don’t always have to spend outrageously on designer clothes. Use your imagination and try to mix and match quality classic pieces with on trend outfits to look chic.

• Personal grooming plays a key role. Body odour is a big no no. Your entire look is wasted with a stench. Keep your hair conditioned. Dry frizzy hair won’t do you any good. Never let your hair look greasy and messy also, opt for natural looking highlights and avoid streaky, unnatural highlights at all cost. Cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them. Get manicures at inexpensive nail salons. Avoid long nails with bright colours.

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• Taking care of your skin is equally important. Keep your skin moisturised and well hydrated. When it comes to makeup understatement reigns supreme, in other words keep it simple and natural. Go for classic red lipstick to look effortlessly stylish.

• Stay within your budget, but don’t be afraid to invest in a few key classics. Spend a little extra on some sexy nude pumps that won’t kill your feet, or a chic bag that you’ll have forever. Avoid wearing tattered shoes at all costs. Invest in excellent leather pumps & great to-the-knee boots. Always keep them gleaming.

• Do not go all the way flashing your jewellery. Keep it innocuous, minimalistic and classic. Flashy does not stand for wealthy it only reflects your poor taste.


• One thing that goes without saying is taking care of your body. Eat balanced meals and get your share of physical exercise. A good body makes a good impression and make you feel confident about yourself. Do not slouch and always walk straight because it projects assertiveness in a person.

• Know your manners, don’t be snobby or rude to people. Do not act as though you are above all others.

Remember looking affluent is about looking chic, unfussy, sophisticated and professional.

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50 thoughts on “How to Look Rich

  1. No offense to anyone, but I don’t think eating healthy, being well mannered, taking good care of one’s body and skin, avoiding body odor etc. has anything to do with ‘being rich’. One should do this anyway! In any case, ‘how to look rich’ sounds vey insulting or something I cannot point my fingers to. I cannot just explain the feeling. Maybe, ‘how to look classy’ would have been a better option.

    1. Ummm… can’t understand what’s offending you Somdatta ji, the point you mentioned is just one of the points, and it is mentioned because it has to be mentioned… and I think ‘how to look classy’ is not entirely the same as ‘how to look rich’..

      1. Nothing is offending me Sanjeev, I just said what I felt. And I didn’t mention only one point as I see it. I don’t think any of those points has anything to do with being rich :), Those are related to coming from a good parentage whether it’s a rich one or a poor one. That’s solely my own opinion BTW.

        1. You mentioned only points related to personal grooming but ignored others. I think the points about personal grooming do form a part in the context of the article. They may well apply to anyone and everyone but that does not mean they should not be mentioned here.

            1. Yep, and the author of the article is also entitled to express her opinion. Posting a negative comment on the article with only justification being ‘sounds vey insulting or something I cannot point my fingers to’ is not a healthy discussion about an article.

              1. Oh really! I didn’t know that one cannot express her simple opinion if it’s not a praising one. And as I see it, my comment was not negative, one should take it as a constructive criticism, which generally helps people improve. I am really disappointed and I am glad that I didn’t waste much time here. Good luck with your ventures!

                1. You know it is interesting how many negative comments start with ‘no offense to anyone…’ and in the garb of ‘constructive criticism,’ which basically means giving suggestions on how to improve an article. 🙂

                  Anyhow, goodbye and take care. 🙂

                2. Somdatta please dont take any hasty decisions. Debates and differences happen everywhere. Eventually we all rise above them.Sanjeevji just mentioned about your comment, he has nothing against you! We all loved your OOTD article and would love to read more of your posts. At IMBB everyone loves everyone else 🙂

  2. I agree. I am not offended. But yes it is rather awkward to read an article called How to ‘look’ rich.
    I mean all these points apply to being cool/smart/respectable. How to look impressive would have been a better choice for a title.
    Being rich does not impress someone, its rather how you carry yourself that does the trick.
    Coming to the article in itself, it has great points and would be helpful to all.

  3. Though I’m not offended or disturbed (maybe because I took the title as a joke or maybe because I’m not offended easily), but I must say that the title doesn’t seem apt. I’ve nothing against the article, its well written and practicing all the points definitely makes you more presentable. Presentable, classy, sofisticated yes but rich? I’ve come across many people who are “rich” but lack all or most of the qualities mentioned above but that doesn’t make them appear any poorer.

    1. Hi Leez,

      The last point is interesting. Think about it this way- forget that ‘how to look rich’ title is offending or not apt or something. Suppose you HAVE to write article on the topic, what key points would YOU mention. As you said, people don’t appear any poorer (which means they look well-off or rich) despite NOT having these qualities. So essentially, what IS it that makes people look ‘not poorer’?

  4. u wd def look well groomed and nice…not rich… 😛 anyway i took it as a fun post… era has done similar posts before…
    whos era the mysterious lady (?)… never comments or replies… 🙂

  5. If I had to write an article on that topic? I’d list (among others) this point – Buy/use expensive things, if you can’t afford then beg, borrow or steal. That’d be extremely shallow but the topic demands being shallow. So essentially, its the ability to spend outrageous sums of money that makes you appear rich. There are a few teens on IG who post pics them literally lying around in cash with captions ridiculing less affluent people. That shows that they’re definitely rich and more definitely, that they lack manners.

    1. Hmm… you know, Rati and I often notice certain people whom we ‘feel’ are rich without noticing anything expensive that they are wearing or carrying. It’s just something in the way they carry themselves or the way they act. And amazing thing is that most of the time both Rati and I feel the same about such persons. And we often wonder what is…

      Carrying expensive things is PROVING that you are rich whereas we are talking about some illusive signals that makes you ‘appear’ rich.

      Would really like to know if someone knows..

      1. I agree with you Sanjeevji on this point. Sometimes we notice people, very normally dressed, a little reserved but with excellent manners (like table etiquettes etc), they definitely give a ‘well-off’ and ‘affluent’ impression.

      2. I do agree with your comment. If you’ve got an eye for it, you’d recognise people’s true worth amongst a sea of wannabes. I was talking more about the “rich and the cocky” while I feel you were talking about the “rich and modest”. There are many roads to a goal and both the article and “lying around in cash” 🙂 seem to achieve it.

        1. Ummm… I think Shruti and I were talking about people ‘appearing rich.’ Whether they are really rich or not we are never able to find out. Yes, modesty is a common virtue to all of them. Crass and vulgar people, even if they are rich, seldom appear rich (sorry Bhappi Lahiri ji). But modesty is NOT that undefined thing that makes them seem rich (although they might be paupers for all we know).

          No idea what it is… perhaps we are just beating about the bush. 🙁

          1. Maybe its the way they carry themselves? Now I’m curious! But Sanjeev ji Bappi Lahiri appears rich to me, how else could he afford so much gold? Lol this discussion is going nowhere.

            1. 😛 I am going to think about it today, the scientific way 🙂

              Here’s a food for thought- Aamir Khan doesn’t ‘appear’ rich to me whereas Sharukh Khan does. Remember, ‘appear’ is the key word. Although both would be filthy rich as we all know.

              1. Sanjeevji,

                its the same difference that I once read about some Bollywood stars. A great article in The Hindu once said – Ranbir kapoor is a star, and Imram Khan is your guy next door. The same difference between Aishwarya (the star) and Rani (the girl next door). I saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali saying the same at Koffee with Karan show.

                I think its about a person’s body language and whole lot of other things – the confidence, vanity, humbleness, looks etc.

                I clearly remember once I and my sis were going to a wedding and both of us wore lipsticks (we were in college then) and my dad asked my sister to remove the lip color. She said ‘ask didi also’ and he replied ‘she didnt apply only!’ while I had applied the same color with the similar number of swipes! The point is my sis even if she wears normal T-shirt pyjama kinds clothes she looks dressed while I,.. hihhihi.

  6. I think we shld try to concentrate on the theme i.e. tips mentioned here rather than just focussing on the title.
    Its helpful in every way..

  7. Liked the article. All points mentioned should be taken into note by every lady, irrespective of social/financial background. Why don’t you guys simply forget the title, and just focus on the nice little tips mentioned in it?

  8. Nd being rich is nt just abt having loads of money. There is a wide meaning attached to it like having etiquette, gd taste etc.
    For eg: 1 of aunts is such a show off tht she wears 10 tons of gold jewellery in evry party and stl looks like a fool..

  9. Title is definitely not apt. “How to keep it classy” or something similar would have been better. Anyway..I see most comments which do not agree with the title of the topic are being retorted to. Everybody has an opinion. Feedback is just It needs to be taken and considered in order to make future improvements. After all, your readers are part of the reason your blog is so successful.

    1. SN, if you read all the comments I have responded amicably, not ‘retorted’, to all the commenters except one who picked on the article without giving reasons. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would not want IMBB to become a youtube or facebook page where people post negative comments rampantly in the name of ‘opinions’. Everything someone wants to say about an article, even adverse opinions, can be expressed in a friendly manner. That is all.

  10. money doesnt matter, even ppl who are not really rich can look like rich.. this is what the message i got from article..

    I liked the points mentioned in article.. 🙂

  11. No offence to anyone, but I would definitely support the title.. Yes we all at ONE POINT want to be rich, I will sound a hypocrite saying no I do not want to be rich.. and the definition of how to look rich by Era is not unattainable, rather she has pin pointed very meticulous details on every aspect, which everyone can actually follow easily. Not every rich people follow what Era has written. SO Era thnks for the article.. and who are you mysterious lady btw?? 🙂 keep on writing…a fren of mine, she looks like million dollar who shops at Sarojini (best shopping area for students) uses modest beauty products and has a very good behaviour…

    1. Sital, Era was once our full-time colleague at IMBB. Now she works from home. And though she writes well if you stay with her for a full day you’d hardly hear five words from her. 😛

      1. thnks Sanjeevji… Era. love you dear….and I have respect for you one thing most.. I am non Indian but study here, so I have quite limit knowledge of all sorts of competitive exams but after knowing about little more.. you are abso genuis, you happen to crack CAT many times.. how can you do??? Well Hats off for that…. 🙂

  12. I don’t get the outrage surrounding this article. If you don’t like it, don’t read it 🙂 Yes, you have the right to hold your opinions, but out of respect for the writer, I think it’s best to keep the negative ones to yourself 🙂

    …as for the tips, I’m not rich (nor do I aspire to be), but my experience watching Gossip Girl most certainly corroborates all the tips Era provided here 😛

    Also a tip for the working ladies…if you’re on a budget and need good, tailored clothes for work: Buy a one or two outfits from a high-end store (Zara, Mango etc.) and then get your favorite tailor to reproduce them. I’d suggest buying a sheath dress and then getting it reproduced with slight variations (sleeve length, hem etc.). Works like a charm 😀

      1. Devie…….high five….I don’t understand this noise regarding the article. Some of those who got offended here are pseudo intellectuals who lecture about people wasting morsels of food when so many people around the world are sleeping hungry….well, these are the very same who wouldn’t mind spend thousands on perfumes and dresses or lakhs on trips abroad…..just read it, if you don;t like it, leave it.

  13. Loved the article.. It is about something which all of us at some point of time dream’t of.. Look classy, rich, posh, hep gosh I’m running out of adjectives.

  14. About the outrage surrounding the article 🙂 sab log shaant ho jao … shaanti shaanti
    dinner time 🙂
    ek doosre pe toot padne se better hai hum dinner pe toot pade .. just kidding 😀

    1. Ha ha ha Shyma….ejjactly….then those who got offended would say….”Wow…..we would use all these tips, super, awesome.” Tragedy of life!

  15. I have no clue why people got so offended by the title and took the whole thing so personally. It is well written article and the title is apt. One of the things we don’t entertain is super opinionated comments because we want to keep IMBB as a happy place. There is a way to present your opinions. Thrashing someone’s article down is no way called a constructive criticism. Everyone likes happy comments. Imagine posting a comment such as ‘ oh! not to offend you but it was just your hair that made your face look nice otherwise the makeup was quite mediocre’. No one wants to read such comments. But saying someone ‘ you are looking nice’ helps boost someone’s confidence and keeps the other person happy. That’s how we like to keep it here and that’s how it would be.

    And no offense to anyone!! 😛

  16. i don’t understand the fuss at all! i mean “rich” is not exactly ONLY connected to money, is it? i m sure Era did not mean it in the wrong way. read the post guys, appreciate how good it is! richness can exude from someone’s personality even if he or she does not have millions in their account, coz richness is NOT related to money alone. i might be sounding a bit confusing here, but my reply will turn philosophical if i go into details! hihi 😉 so just chill! just a healthy debate 🙂

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