Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo

Hello dearies,

The summer is getting bad in Mumbai .The sun is very harsh these days and our skin and hair have to bear the brunt.I wish it would work equally on my weight but that is giving tough competition and refuses to budge on the weighing scale. Anyways,the last shampoo I tried was Tresseme climate control shampoo which did a decent job in the initial washes but later I thought my hair was drying out.So I was on the lookout for a good shampoo and wanted to try something new.So when my eyes fell upon the Richfeel counter ,I knew I would get a new shampoo to try here.

 Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo

They had four kinds of shampoos I recall.One was a scalp cleaner claiming to be perfume-free. Another was was dandruff control.One was hairfall and the last one is this that I bought.

A little about the brand:

Richfeel was started in 1986 by a pioneering doctor couple – India’s First Certified Trichologists and Beauty Physicians. It was an idea that amalgamated the scientific know-how of a medical practitioner and the finesse of an aesthetician and has evolved today into an institution providing a comprehensive range of personal care solutions for the skin and the hair. This evolution has been characterized by continuous innovation and a strong focus on Trichology for the hair, and Natural Therapies for the skin, which has been acclaimed and adopted worldwide

My experience with Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo:

This is my first product from the brand.Lets see what the product label reads:

Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo (2)

Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera is perfect for chemically treated hair. Aloe vera is a natural cleanser that helps hair growth and prevents hair fall This shampoo is appropriate for coloured and chemically treated hair.

My hair is both coloured and treated(straightened them).So this sounded perfect.I bought it for around Rs.104 after discount for a 100 ml bottle.It comes in a pump dispenser which is great as most small bottles do not come with a pump.The green bottle is soothing to the eyes.It is also available in a bigger bottle.

Now,when I first twist opened the pump dispenser,it released an aroma I never experienced before from a product. It was a lovely jasmine smell.I don’t like jasmine but this was truly wonderful.Pure bliss.I was excited to use it then.

The dispenser is okay.Not too smooth.The product is light yellow in colour.It lathers pretty okay.One does require another pump for hair length like mine(Below shoulders). During the shampooing itself, I knew that it is a drying shampoo.You can just feel the stretch in your hair.So there, I was disappointed during by my supposed to be pleasant bath. After wash,the aroma lingers for sometime and fades off soon.The hair feels dry.Yet there is some unique healthiness in the hair.You know that which all herbal shampoos give! But it does imparts amazing shine to the hair which stays for quite long.

Smile as Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo:

Richfeel Aloe Vera shampoo is cheap.
Has Aloe Vera Extracts.
Imparts a sheen.
Pleasant aroma.Jasmine lovers will love it.

Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo (7)

Frown because Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo :

  • It makes damaged hair look more dry.
  • Rich feel does not make you feel rich during shampooing :p

Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo

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Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo
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  1. Ncie revu Maria..Liked the way you had put up the pros n cons as smiles and frown…
    I never heard abt thid to me..

  2. I know picking an aloevera shampoo makes us think that its ALOEVERA so it might do wonders *woot* but sad it dint work… *nababana* *nababana*

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