Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack-Review

Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack-Review

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Today’s review is going to be about a product related to the most dreaded skin problem that gives nightmares to every girl. It is about an anti-acne pack. It is from a brand that ranges a wide variety of skincare, Richfeel. I ordered this from an online shopping website.

Richfeel antiacne pack

If you are gifted with a perfect skin then you must be lucky enough but if you belong to my category with less perfect skin then you would understand when I say that my skin has a mind of its own. It decides for itself as to how it would want to behave and has a lot of mood swings which I absolutely hate. Sometimes my skin is at its best, smooth, pimple-free and looking all healthy and shiny. Sometimes it decides to ditch me with ‘out of the blue’ black heads and zits.

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A couple of months back my skin decided to play bad by introducing acne which I have never ever had in my entire life (touchwood).And like every girl I went about hunting and purchasing every product that promised acne-free skin. And that is when I came across this and I ordered it immediately in the greed of getting rid of acne. And along with the acne there was tons of sebum oozing out of my face making my combination oily skin worse.


160 INR

About Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack:

The Richfeel Anti Acne Pack is a special formulation for prevention of acne infections. It helps remove dead skin cells from the skin surface and stimulates production of new cells.

Directions to use:

Mix it with plain water, apply generously all over the face and let it stay till 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. The end result is smooth, glowing and fairer skin.
If you want to get rid of a pesky pimple then just dab a bit of this on the pimple area and leave it overnight and it would dry out in a couple of applications.

My experience with Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack:

The richfeel anti acne pack is similar to a clay pack, looks like fuller’s earth/Multani mitti except that it is more on the grayish side. Comes in a little green tub with a screw-on lid which is quite sturdy and travel friendly.

So as soon as I got it I decided to try it out, I followed the instructions and let the pack dry on my face for 20 minutes and washed it off with cold water. I must say that the pack had worked wonders as it had just absorbed all the oil out of my face like magic. My skin felt smooth and really clean and dry. And also it instantly tightens the pores on my skin.

It makes my skin stay oil-free for hours and with regular usage I saw a visible reduction in my acne as well. It instantly dries out the zits on my face thus reducing them gradually. But I would warn the dry-skinned girls to stay away from this as it sucks oil out of the skin like crazy and makes skin super dry so I guess only oily skinned girls would like this. And a moisturizer is needed as some of you might feel it is too drying but for me it was like heaven to feel my skin clean and dry after all that sebum torturing me for 2 months.

Pros of Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack:

1. Works great for oily skin.
2. Reduces acne with regular use.
3. Leaves the skin smooth and oil-free.
4. Easy on the pocket and product would last for a good while.
5. Does what it claims and the pack is travel friendly.
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Cons of Richfeel Anti-Acne Pack:

1. Availability, am not sure how often it is available in local stores but you can get it online.
2. Not suitable for all skin types as it would dry out skin to a major extent.
3. Ingredients not mentioned on the pack.
Richfeel anti acne pack

IMBB Rating:


Would I recommend Richfeel Anti-acne pack to a friend?

Yes, but to girls with oily-skin only.

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