Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream Review

Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream

Hello Beauties,

My today’s review is going to be this skin treatment from Richfeel that I bought like two months ago. My skin is acne-prone and gladly the acne occurrence has reduced a lot but it has left many scars behind on my face which I don’t at all like infact none of us would like. Obviously my concealer works really well on those blemishes but I was looking for a natural treatment. So I picked this up and was really excited to try it out. So let’s go on to the review.

Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream


Rs. 130 (30 g)

Product description:

The Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream is special Homeopathic anti blemish cream for curing Acne marks, pigmentation, blemish marks and dark circles. It tones and smoothens the skin making it clearer glowing.

Directions for use:

Wash face with water. Apply and massage the cream in. Wash after two hours or keep it overnight.
Key ingredients: Berberis aquifolium extract and calendula extract.

My experience with Richfeel anti-blemish cream:

Richfeel anti-blemish cream comes in different size and quantity variants. I bought in the smallest tube for trial. The cream comes in a small tube hardly 3/4th the size of the palm. The pack cover is their trademark design with those leaves on the cover. It is really very tiny and very easy to carry. It won’t occupy much of the space in your bag. Now talking about the product, the cream comes in white colour and the consistency is moderately thick. The instructions were to massage the cream when you apply it, but sadly I could only massage it for like 5 seconds and it had absorbed completely. But never mind that reduced my task. It did not feel greasy or sticky. So the cream was like the other night creams that we use nothing different. I preferred using it at night when going to sleep. I did not use it in the morning, I used my other day cream instead. Because then again washing it after two hours and then applying another cream was a big routine to do, so I skipped it in the morning time. I did not like the smell of the product as it was too strong and artificial and smelled somewhat like some masala paan. The smell really caused a headache when I applied it but after 15 minutes or so , it went away. I used this particular cream for a month or so. I noticed that my small and not-so-stubborn blemishes had actually gone away and every morning when I use to wake-up I had a fresh clear-looking face. So it worked really well on the minor blemishes. But I had 2-3 very stubborn blemishes which did not go away by using this cream although they had written “extremely effective” in their product description. Overall, I was happy with the results that the cream gave . I have used Richfeel hair packs earlier and was expecting this product to do good and it did.

Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream (3)

Pros of Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream:

-Quantity is good.
-Lasts for 2 months at Rs. 130 which is not bad at all.
-Gives a clear-looking face if used overnight.
-Worked really well on minor blemishes.
-Easy to carry.
-Natural ingredients that were mentioned.
-Easily available.
-Available in 3-4 different sizes.

Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream (5)

Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream (4)

Cons of Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream:

-Smell was artificial.
-Did not do anything for stubborn blemishes.
-No ingredients mentioned except for those two mentioned above.

Would I repurchase/recommend Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream?

Yes, I would repurchase it as it did a great job and my blemishes had gone away except for a few. I will recommend it to those people who have little acne marks on their face. Do try it if it works for you as well!!

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22 thoughts on “Richfeel Anti-blemish Cream Review

    1. Hey Vinaya… 😀 i have seen mederma ads on tv… *specs* they have shown that they work pretty well for burnt marks… *haan ji* so you can give that one a try… *hifive*

  1. I don’t understand why di richfeel people do not mention any ingredient list!!! Whats the big secret! *scared*

    1. Lol i know Vidhi *hihi* *hihi* half of their products do not have an ingredient list.. *nonono* on this product they mentioned only two main ingredients… aur bi kuch daala hoga na cream banane ke liye… we r not gonna make the cream right rofl

      1. Exactly!! Saloni for occasional acne try Patanjali’s Divya Kanti lep it works just amazing! Though it smells bad but works too good 🙂 It has been reviewed here as well 🙂

  2. Saloni try fabindia depigmentation cream , it reviewed here already.
    hmm …. i see richfeel has good stuff for hair in terms of quality compared to other lines.

    1. yeahh i will definitely try it out nj *jalwa* i have seen it online a lot *haan ji* will pick it up once i finish all my creams *hifive*

    1. Your welcome Rati di *puchhi* so far it has worked really well in fading my acne scars.. *happy dance* hope it works for you too
      *jalwa* *hifive* definitely a must have *pompom*

  3. How about dark circles Saloni? I hav tried Aroma n I don’t see any results…do u think this wld work? *clap* Nice review

    1. Melissa i am not sure as whether it would work on dark circles or not *nababana* i was as it using my aroma gel so i did not apply this much.. but you can give it a try as it is almost the same price as the aroma one.. *haan ji* *happy dance*

  4. Hey saloni … Great product review ..seems very efficent … *haan ji* will def give this one a shot …not too sure about the smell as I breakout wit products witch have too much of fragrance ..

    1. *thankyou* aashka…. actually it doesn’t have a very overwhelming smell but whatever the smell is i did not like it *nonono* you can smell it in the store before you pick it up *happy dance*

    1. Lol Vini…. *hihi* its available everywhere … in stores and online as well… so wouldn’t be a big prob getting it… you will get it soon *hifive*

  5. Hi Saloni, Thanks for the review..I was going to purchase this along with their whitening lotion…Does it remove minor tan as they have mentioned on the product….And it can be applied on the entire face or spot reduction….Thanks–Manu

    1. Heyy Manu 😀 your welcome *hifive* actually i am not sure whether this would work on tan or not because on my tube there was nothing mentioned regarding tan *nababana* and you can apply it on the entire face… *happydance* *haan ji*

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