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Christi Kj asks:

Hi Ladies,

I just love IMBB, its more of my daily routine to check IMBB.  To especially mention, IMBB is providing great insight into beauty for people like who never dare to follow anything.  I am 24 years old with whitish complexion.  I have got some black marks and pimples  on my shoulders.  Initially, I thought these must be due to waxing on my hands and started using ice and moisturizer after waxing, but still there is no change.  Gals please suggest some remedies and something without turmeric because I get darker with turmeric due to heat.  Looking forward for your wonderful suggestions 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Black Marks on Shoulders: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Christi,

    My advice would be that you must see a dermatologist, they can prescribe ointments and creams which can solve your problem in a few days span 🙂

  2. Hey Christi,

    Firstly it is very important to know the reason behind the spots. Do see a dermatologist immediately. You don’t want to use remedies for some other problem. Meanwhile just maintain hygiene and use aloevera gel. But do find out the root cause of it 🙂

  3. Keep your scalp clean. If you have dandruff problem, some of it might be falling on your back causing the acne and the acne bursting up during bath and causing the black marks. Check if this is happening to you.
    After bath, apply caladryl lotion on your back (available at chemists). This will calm down the acne and also give cooling effect from the sun. If you wear jackets while going outside, ensure they are washed regularly to maintain hygiene.
    Once the acne stops, you can work on the blemishes by rubbing raw potato (slow but sure).
    Check with a derma/gynaec to rule out any other hormonal problem.

  4. Hi Christi,
    i has some dark patches on my back and was very worrying dermatologist suggested me LOBATE skin creme ..its very effective rid of my patches in no time.

  5. Thank you all for ur suggestions.Jomol chechi can u suggest me a good dermatologist, as iam new to Hyderabad city.

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