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Bhawna T. Asks:

Hey All,

My sister has dark circles under her eyes and its very dark. Please tell us some remedies to get rid of dark circles?

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20 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Bhawna,
    This may sound weird but topical treatments used for hemorrhoids work really well for dark circles. If you don’t like the idea of using one of them, I suggest you buy a concealer with a yellow undertone(it counteracts the bluish pigment of dark circles) that is one shade lighter than your skintone.

  2. Use a under eye cream every night before going to sleep. It would take some time so keep following it religiously. U can try aroma magic almond under eye cream or Amway under eye cream. I tried both and liked it.

  3. Massaging the area with honey helps, but it needs to be done regularly and takes some time to show results. Also massage pure almond oil at night. The massaging should be done very lightly using only the ring fingers. Hope these tips will be helpful to you as they were of immense help to me. 🙂

  4. I ve tried all sorts of creams and also did rubbing almond oil under eye area..but no effects..:(
    The oil definitely reduced the fine lines but dark circles just refuse to go away..and since Im very fair they look stark black hollowed rings on my face…yikeess…help!!!!

  5. temporary solutions:

    rub ice before you put your makeup,
    use an eye cream before you put your concealer,
    use a yellow based concealer one shade lighter and set it with powder (MAC pro longwear, Chambor)

    long term solutions:
    eye creams that work – decent success with Liz Earle and Aroma magic.
    less stress
    eating enough fruits and veggies
    exercising – this really works cos the face looks fresher and glows more

  6. There are many causes of dark circles like heredity, stress, late nights, not getting proper sleep etc. I too have extreme dark circles and nothing makes them disappear permanently. See if the area around eye is dry..dryness around eyes causes the skin to become dark..if yes apply aroma magic under eye almond cream or almond oil…eat fresh vegetables and fruits and sleep atleast 7 hours a day..this really helps! drink lot of fluids especially water
    For hiding them try using kryolan 303 concealer paint stick..its orangish in color and covers the darkness completely. its already reviewed here..hope this helps!

  7. Massage with almond oil every night. If the dark circles are too stubborn, try using potato juice on the under-eye area every night. Also, you could apply cucumber slices on your eyes every other day if you have the time. It also helps in reducing eye bags. You can also use some kind of cucumber gel available in the markets. Take a lot of Vitamin C, either in fruit or supplement form.

  8. Although I didn’t have stubborn dark circles, the little that I had was taken care of very nicely by cotton pads dipped in rose water!

  9. Keep Cucumber slices on you eye everyday for 10 to 20 Mins it will show result with in a week only .

    it is great for tired & puffy eyes..

  10. i wait this answer too. 🙁 I hate my dark circles 🙁 i have noticed they decrease when i take proper 7 hours sleep. I am going to get aroma under eye cream after reading comments here. 🙂

  11. hi bhawana , using makeup up u can hide dark-circles , but to reduce it drink orange juice everyday , and check with your hemoglobin level… thanks

  12. Dark circles are mainly due to blood pooling or broken capillaries due to lack of circulation. If it is not hereditary this may work:
    Apply any night cream or eye cream or gel (depending on skin type) , massage only with ring finger(gentlest massage) of your hands for five minutes. Apply a cool eye gel mask or cucumber slices or cotton pads soaked in ice water. Take rest for at least half hour. Try this for one week.

    Even if you go for a treatment in salon, this is what they will do. When choosing eye creams, if you come across one with vitamin K, grab it. Vitamin K is great for increasing circulation.

  13. i never thought creams would help on dark circles.. but it did.. himalaya under eye cream and nivea anti-shadow cream worked on me.. but there are many under eye creams in the market that do not really work.. so u need to try and find out which works for u.. as ur sis has v dark circles, it takes some time for any cream to work on.. be patient.. also avoid watching tv or laptop for a long time unless needed.. 🙂

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