How to get rid of darkness around the mouth? Ask IMBB

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Anjali Asks:

I would like to ask you how to get rid of darkness around mouth.


8 thoughts on “How to get rid of darkness around the mouth? Ask IMBB

  1. i am not sure really but you could rub natural bleaching agents like lemon juice or potato juice around the mouth.
    But the best would be to see a doc/dermatologist in case of any hormonal changes/issues.

  2. make detanning paste- mix equal amount f Tomato, cucumber juice..add a drop of honey & lemon. apply this every other day. keep it for 5-10 mins & wash with cold water. occasionally u can mix besan and use this as a scrub. if you hv dry skin mix a few drops of castor oil.

    fresh milk is also known to get rid f dark skin. apply it with a cotton ball. let it remain for 15 mins & wash.

    Follow CTM & use a good sunscreen; stop using makes skin patchy & dark specially around the mouth.instead use a good scrub evry 3-4 days.
    Hope this helps :-))

  3. With your two Index Fingers softly massage (put a little pressure with Index fingers only)the mouth area like beside the nose,angels of the lips & between the lower lip & chin.Do this as often as you can while watching TV,or chatting with friends as this helps in blood circulation.Those areas near mounth do not have much blood circulation hence the black patch appears.Do this religiously along with the other suggestion given here & the problem will vanish.Truly 🙂

  4. Stop using lipsticks & lipgloss for some time. u can use lipbalms(herbal). Regarding the darkness try massaging the dark areas around the mouth & nose with pure ghee during nights for about 5mins and leave on until morning. Next morning clean it with plain water.
    Hope this woks..

  5. Hi All,
    Even im experiencing the same problem..But i tried evrything including applying lemon around my mouth.But the problem is still there..Please suggest some ideas to get rid of this..Also my skin doesnt suit any lotion so im not able to apply sunscreen also.. :waaa:

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