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Here’s an Email from Aditi, our regular reader:

Thank you so much for the awesome work that you guys are doing here. IMBB has literally been a life saver for me. A few months ago I was not even sure what my skin type is and now my friends ask my advice on which products to try….and its all because of the IMBB team.
I have a query for you guys today…I am sure you will give me the right advice.I am 22 and I have combination skin.My BIGGEST problem is facial hair.I bleach once every month and get my eyebrows,forehead and upper lip threaded every 15 days.Now my questions are:
1.How frequently is it safe to bleach my face? And also which is the best bleach in market? I use Oxy.
2.The hair on my forehead start coming back as a stubble and it looks very very very ugly. Is their a solution to this? Should I wax my forehead instead?
3.The area below my eyebrows has turned slightly green due to constant threading.What can I do about this?
I will begin working in 2 months and I have read how the florescent lights in the offices make
every blemish…every scar….every facial hair stand out and I really don’t want that to happen.

THANK YOU in advance for your help and also sorry if I stretched this post a little too much.
Love you all!!!

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How To Get Rid of Facial Hair : Ask IMBB


22 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Facial Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. I know exactly how you are feeling as even i had lots of facial hair and that too jet black and thick! but the best way to get rid of them is Laser! I have just undergone my first laser session and I can see huge..I mean huge difference! the growth has already reduced a lot…please do not go for waxing as it will loosen your skin and make is saggy..also bleaching often is not good for skin..threading is good for forehead, eyebrows and upperlips but for rest area on face go for its not even that expensive these days and starts with 1500

    1. Hey laser absolutely safe….i know many ppl raving abt it….but just want to know…are there no side effects..

    2. its still 1500 per sitting that is quite reasonable. i paid 1500 per sitting for jawline back in 2006! i thought it must have increased now?

  2. hey, I can totally understand how it feels, I have lots of facial hair too, around the chin and jaw line…. first up, get a gynaecological and endocrine check-up done. It is important to understand why you have this problem, in the first place. I have taken laser sessions too, but they didnt help much, coz I have PCOS (cysts in ovaries), and however much you take laser sessions(I have taken upto 25), they will not help if the underlying medical condition is not controlled. I now wax my face once a month, and I’m happy with this method… it really has sorted out my life! and the growth has reduced with regular waxing…

    1. hey ritu have you asked your doc about anti androgen meds. they do help a lot with hair problems in people with PCOS. waxing my face ocassionally breaks me out.

  3. i agree with ritu. if there is a medical condition laser will not help. It is very common in people with PCOS. the actual medical condition is called hirsutism. if there is a medical condition and your doc prescribes you hormonal medications there is an anti androgen medicine for hirsutism. but it should be under strict medical supervision. till then you can bleach and wax. i have been bleaching my face for 10yrs now and even wax in between bleaches. laser treatment can be done but it will be expensive and your hair will come back.
    you will be better consulting an endocrinologist and a dermatologist.

  4. Hi Aditi,

    The moment I read your query, I wanted to ask if you have consulted a gynaecologist. Somebody above has mentioned the same thing and this is because PCOS/PCOD is a very common modern kind of disease. This is happening to a majority of our lot because of the lifestyle we live (stress, adulteration in food, hormonal imbalances) etc. Basically, I cant help you much with your problem but as an advice I would recommend you to visit the gynae and ensure everything is OK. If it is well you can plan how to go about treating your facial hair.


  5. Once when I visited the gynic for my irregular periods she pointed out that I have male pattern of facial hair.. She said I have extra hair on my face which has to be treated. I have this hormonal imbalance which has resulted in hormonal acne and unusal facial hair. So i suggest u to first get tests done after visitn ur doctor to see if ur hormonal levels are correct. Anti androgen medicines help to a great extent. I am using a medicine called aldactone which is used to treat excessive facial hair (hirsutism) in women. So consult ur doc first, only after keepin a check on your hormonal levels go for the laser if you wish to.

  6. i also have lot of facial hair in my chin and jaw .its really embarrasing.i just wanna get rid of it permanently.can anyone tell me how to check this pcos problem?after the treatment of this,facial hairs will be removed completely?how much will it cost?please rply to this.

    1. hey ayushi, facial hair is a symptom of pcos! there is always a possibility that u don’t have pcos but still you have facial hair.pcos is checked through sonography.

  7. hi …
    i am a silent reader of this blog. but as soon as i read about PCOS. i need to mention that i am also suffering from this same syndrome.
    Rati di / Jomol di ,
    please put this PCOS syndrome as new topic so tht we can get to know what all we can do to remove this syndrome.
    Also please let me knw.. how can a healthy lifestyle can be maintained.. as i am an IT professional who needs to sit in MNC and got hectic schedule ..
    I am going tense with my overgrowing weight and tensions in office

  8. Hi.. I guess for facial hair, I agree with Parita that laser is the best option.
    I couldnt help reading the comments abt PCOS n I would like to give my 2 cents abt it..
    I have suffered from PCOS n RECOVERED completely. Yes, in allopathy medicine, there isnt a cure for it. This is bcoz Allopathy tries to correct this problem by giving the required harmone externally (which is what Metformin does). But it doesnt help the body produce harmones on its own.
    I strongly recommend yoga under an experienced teacher. There are specific asanas for PCOS. Combined with Ayurvedic medicine, it treats PCOS at the root n helps the body to ovulate without external help. A good lifestyle always helps. I need not add that alcohol n smoking affect women more deeply than men, so please stay away (though they need not be the cause, they will certainly aggravate PCOS).

  9. laser treatment wouldn’t work for all.I too have facial hair but laser session didnt work for me but it increased my hair growth. i have been drinking spearmint tea for more than a month and I see my hair on my chin and upper lips grow very slowly after waxing. Usually 2-3 weeks its grown back but now its not even noticeable till 3rd week.I drink spearmint tea twice in a day.Dono it would work out for everyone but there is no harm I guess.

  10. Hi, this post may be very old, but I would recommend trying pure spearmint tea. It helps keeping reduce androgens which can in turn reduce unwanted facial hair to a certain extent.

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