How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks from Shoulders and Thighs: Ask IMBB

Ask IMBB Gang

Debdatta B. asks:

Hello ladies,

I am 21 and have stretch marks all over my body, especially on shoulders, thighs, knee area. Would you please suggest how can I get rid of them?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks from Shoulders and Thighs: Ask IMBB

  1. I do have stretchmarks around my waist due to childbirth. I read coffee is good to lighten them. I regularly scrub my tummy with coffee body scrub and massage the area regularly with coffee creme oil and I am glad to see they are improving. I agree with Rati on keeping the area moisturized. It may take a long time to lighten, use helpers and patience is a virtue too. 🙂

  2. I have pretty visible stretch marks on the side of my tummy, my thighs, and on my upper arms. The most on my upper arms. The problem is that I didn’t really feel the need to get rid of them till maybe last year – they never bothered me till then. And I got them seven years ago. So for fresh stretch marks, you can try a tretinoin cream, but for older stretch marks like mine and (I presume) yours, I don’t know what to do about them. And as Rati said, they never really go away, but their appearance can be diminished by moisturizing the area real well.
    But hey, just in case this makes you feel better, I’m pretty young too, and I have them as well. I got mine because of drastic weight loss when I moved to India – I lost 8 kgs in a little over a month, and it hit me real bad. Are yours because of weight loss too?

  3. *cry* *cry* i have stretch marks on my hips and upper part of my thighs… it looks bad…any tips?? oh yes i got them due to a drastic weight loss around 15kgs

    1. Hi am also passed from that phase. I think musturd oil is the solution which we can use for facing the Strech marks problem. As soon as you’re going to start weight loss use this oil there may not the Strech marks on the body.

  4. I used the same oil during my pregnancy. And there is not a single Strech marks on my tummy . And I started gyming and using the same. This is very effective for me
    But I not used the oil on thighs. Because it is not said to me so Hv little on my thighs only.

  5. hi guys! Even i had the problem of stretch marks on my tummy and shoulders. I’ve bn religiously following a routine of massaging them with vitamin E oil (Evion vitamin E capules) since last 6 months and I’m glad to inform their appearence have reduced drastically 🙂 🙂 Hope this works out 4 u all too!!

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