How To Get Rid of Tan of Hands and Feet: Ask IMBB

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Shailey S. Asks:

How to remove tan which we get due to swimming, especially tan on the hands and feets?

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11 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Tan of Hands and Feet: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Shailey, Removing tan from our skin is a very gradual process and we can not expect an overnight result. My personal exp is using 1 cup(yes 1 whole cup) of Gram Flour/ Besan + 1TbsHoney + safforn milk (saffron thread dipped in luke warm milk). mix is to a paste consistensy and apply it after a small bath leave it for 5 mins and wash the pack off ONLY with water do not use soap.

    I used this twice a week and after 6th time My TAN was literally gone!!! 😀 YIPEE!!!!
    Yay 🙂

    1. almost for got and don forget to apply a good sun screen before you step out 🙂 i use Lake Sun expert and it works fine for me 🙂

  2. Apart from the besan curd turmeric pack which works, you could try rubbing lemon slices with sugar granuels over the tanned area, till the granuels dissolve.

  3. Always try to wear cover the exposed parts including hair before stepping out..and remember nothing is instant…have patience and religious follow the tips mentioned and u will see the difference…I have experienced it

  4. Curd always works good for tan on hand and feet. You could mix it with besan and use it as a pack. I apply it as curd alone without adding anything to it. It sure does get messy. But it works.

  5. bleaching works the best if u want fast results…does a good job at removing most of the tan…and side effects are less likely too since the skin on hands and feet are not that sensitive…bleach doesn’t suit my facial skin much but I use oxy bleach to get rid of the summer tan on my hands..:)

  6. Hi Shailey,
    Turmeric powder with raw milk will work great on tanned skin.. I just apply this daily morning b4 i take bath for 15 mins.. It vl give u a noticable result of sure it vl give glow for the skin also : )

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