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Anchal asks:


I am 23 years old and have grey hair from quite some time. Recently, I have observed that the grey hair count has increased and heena is not able to cover them properly. Also, the last time I visited to salon, they suggested me to use hair color instead of heena. I just wanted to know that is it the right time to use hair color. People say that using hair color makes more hair grey. If yes, then please suggest some good hair color.

P.S: I am having oily scalp and facing hair fall issue.

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14 thoughts on “Right Age to Start Hair Colour: Ask IMBB

  1. HI Anchal,

    If you are having grey hair that’s not covered well with heena, you should start hair colour. I have heard good reviews about casting creme gloss from L’oreal

  2. Yes i think you should start using hair colours because i am sure you will not like the look with those grey hair… but see to it that you use hair softening products like hair spas or home remedy because after continuous use of hair colours.. hair become rough and thick… so keep maintaining them and as an alternative you can use those black sticks available fro shahnaz hussain for touch-ups… *happy dance* *happy dance* *pigtail*

  3. Yes Aanchal

    You can start use hair color.I am also 25 and have grey hairs.I use hair color too.But make use you use ammonia free colors like loreal casting range.I use them.It adds shine to your hair.But you have to be extra careful after using the color.Use good color protection shampoo and conditioner.So go on and give a try. 🙂

  4. Hi Anchal,

    I had the same issues when I was 23ish. And I pretty much hated the look of henna on my hair. Since then I have been a regular at Touchups. Make sure you use the right shampoos and hair care products so that you don’t face hairfall and dryness issues. Also i usually do not buy colors from the market and color it myself. Have notice these colors dry my hair out. I prefer to go to the salon and get them done. (they use Inoa). Hairfall has never been my problem 😀

  5. Hi Anchal,

    Though hair coloring is not so much considered in the long term, however if you are facing oily scalp and hair fall issues, then visit a good dermatologist or a good homeopathy doctor and see if you have any underlying deficiencies like anemia or vit b12 or any female gynae problems, if not then it could a pre -mature grey hair problem which can be easily rectified on a long term basis. In the intrim, you could use loreal hair color , have heard good reviews about them as my mother in law also uses it.

  6. No Anchal, hair color is not the solution to grey hair and if you start coloring your hair then most likely you will have to rely on it everytime for covering them, amazingly I’ll be posting an article on how to cure grey hair at home and some tip from my personal experience that have helped me in battling grey hair. Check it out in few minutes.

  7. You are not alone, we are sailing on the same boat *hifive* , till now i have not tried coloring and am satisfied with henna, but i am planning to give coloring a try once soon if done the right way there should not be much harm 🙂

  8. I feel its always better to postpone hair coloring as much as possible. Chemicals do dry up your hair. Moreover, because you have an oily scalp and hair fall problem, i suggest you not to go for hair color till you stop losing hair.

    I use Godrej nupur henna. And follow it up with Lush caca noir a week after wards. That way, the carroty/orangish shade that henna give to my hair is darkened by Lush caca noir.

    I follow the two step process because Lush caca noir does not completely cover my greys.

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