Right Way to Use Eye Creams

The moment we think of our under eye area, immediately we think of words like gentle, delicate, soft, sensitive and most importantly, first to show signs of ageing. Well it is a well-known concept that if you have a good under eye cream, consider half of your ageing concerns sorted in time.


Although there have been no studies so far to prove that using a separate eye cream can reduce chances of genetic wrinkles and dark circles, but the ingredients that can improve the appearance of skin around the eyes are actually no different from ingredients that work for the face. I am not against using a separate eye cream but yes I have compared quite a few ingredient lists to find out the difference between eye creams and facial creams and I was surprised to see the similarities. All I want to say is please don’t buy any cream labelled as ‘under eye cream’.

If you have any major concerns regarding eye area, then it is advisable to invest in an eye cream, but go with a well formulated cream and don’t fall for tall claims before looking at the pack( or inside for ingredients).

Okay, enough gyan, now coming to something that matters, the correct way of applying under eye cream or any cream to the under eyes for that matter!!! Here goes:


Clean up your entire face remove all traces of makeup. A clean skin will be better receptive to drink up the moisture and nutrition.

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Let it be the first:

Rule of thumb is to apply the skin care products from lightest to heaviest. So eye creams should be applied first if they are the lightest among all your skin care army but if your serum is even lighter, then it can be applied before the under eye cream.

Control the amount:

Yes, dab only a pea sized amount on your little finger and it will be enough for your upper and lower eye area. Don’t go overboard with the quantity. If you see traces of your cream left after massaging, reduce the quantity. More quantity will lead to greater chances of it running into your eyes and irritating them.

how to use eye creams

Dot it:

Apply your under eye cream in dots starting from inner corner to the outer corner, below the brow area and even towards temple from the outer corner. Don’t get too close to your eye as the cream travels a bit when you massage and you don’t want any burning and watering eyes.

Tap or massage:

This is the most important step. The cream should be tapped on gently or massaged to spread with either ring or little finger. These fingers have the lightest touch and are weaker as compared to the middle and index fingers. But care must be taken to ensure that there is absolutely no pulling of skin. The best way is to apply cream to the under eye area is to do it in front of mirror. This way you will be able to see whether there is any stretching or not. Any movement of the skin and you will know you are being too hard. They say you should apply a gentle eye cream but I feel applying it gently is what counts more.

how to use eye creams

Let it do the magic:

Let your eye cream sit and seep in your skin for a while before you layer it with your makeup. This way if you have traces of cream left unabsorbed you can easily wipe them with a Q-tip and your concealer will set up better.

Eye creams are way more costly than regular moisturizers and the above mentioned tips will help you all to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.Hope you like the tips!

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