Right Way to Wash Your Face

Right Way to Wash Your Face

So what’s the big deal about washing the face right?You have been doing it now for years, twice or thrice a day..but are you happy with your skin.. if you are, then do share tips but if you are not happy with your skin then read about the common mistakes you might be committing while washing the face day in and day out..improve your skin with these little tips. I am listing the right way to wash your face, so you do not make mistakes, below.

Wash your hands first:

Surprising, most of us think hands would get clean while you clean the face. But you are actually spreading the dirt, grime, bacteria, grease all over your face, and adding more dirt to clean when you cleanse your face. It is important that you clean your hands well before you apply anything to clean your face.
Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

Tie your hair back:

Use a loose fitting head band so you can focus well on the forehead as well. Loose hair would only make a mess of the cleansing process.

Rinse the cleanser well:

After you wash in a hurry, the residue from the cleanser may actually clog your pores, or dry skin later on. It is important cleanse well around the hairline, the sides of the nose and neck and under the lips. Take time to rinse the face well.

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Be gentle to the under eyes:

Any face cleanser or soap around the eye are is a big no-no. Use something mild to clean the eyes and area around the eyes and do not splash water on the face and eyes harshly in order to freshen up. Be gentle.

Choose the right wash:

It is essential you take time to read the ingredients and usage on the pack. choose a wash that is made for your skin type, oily or dry. Choose a cleanser that is gentle, does not redden or dry out the skin and leaves skin moist when you rinse it clean.

Use normal water:

You should use lukewarm water or normal temperature water to rinse your face. It keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Using hot or cold water on the face will only dry out the skin, or lead to broken capillaries. Too much hot water will strip the face off its essential oils.
Exfoliate twice a week:

Using a scrub removes dead skin cells & increases blood circulation. Always choose a scrub with rounded beads, never use harsh grains that will damage skin like no tomorrow. Choose a sugar or fruit based scrub to exfoliate twice a week, use gentle circular movements.

Use a toner:

Apply toner post wash before moisturizer, with a cotton pad. Use it post wash to tighten pores and remove cleanser residues.
Use a soft towel:

I would suggest keeping soft washcloths for an entire week. Do not use commonly used towels in your bathroom. Use fresh soft washcloths daily for the face. Simply pat your face dry by pressing the towel on the face and leave a film of moisture on the face, so that when you apply moisturizer, the moisture is locked into the skin.

Use a moisturizer post wash:

Always lock in the moisture on the face by applying the moisturizer immediately on the face after wash, while the skin is damp. Do not wait for the face to be very dry to apply your moisturizer.

Wash your face twice daily:

Once when you wake up, use a gentle cleanser in the morning to remove the night cream and oils build up. Secondly wash your face before bed, to clean the makeup and grime build up during the day.

Do not overdo it:

Wash twice daily but if you think you have sweat build up post workout or on a hot day, washing in between with a light cleanser is okay.

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