Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick – Stare at Me

Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick – Stare at Me

Lip addictive formula!High-definition colour fix pigments for saturated full-bodied colour.Colour has never been so concentrated ! Velvet appeal finish with Gemstone complex: soft cushion feel. Unsurpassed colour richness in any light ! Unrivalled Colour Show-stopping colours for day & night. 100% Pure Colour Intensity


Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me

This is another color show off I got, I liked it at the store, such plum shades work for me to brighten face and since it is winter, I thought this might do me some good, the packging is the most gaudy pink you might have ever seen in a lipstick, I mean really it has this hot pink color and mirror finish, it could be too much at times 😛

Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me8
Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me6

This one is a plummy maroon kind of shade, but it is matte almost but this range feels gritty I dont know why, the other shade Have fun was frosty but this one should have been creme finish, but somehow it is not,it feels hard and the pigmentation is too bad and to get the color you need to rub it on and on and still the feeling is not too good.

Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me5

Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick - Stare at Me3

When I apply the color, it feels waxy and you hardly get anything onto the lips, I dont think this kind of texture is good, though it may feel light but it doesn’t work for me, for the swipe I have applied 4 coats at least to build the color.There is no shimmer but it is not purely matte either, the shade would be on the winter and little mature side, it does not feel cakey but applying it is not really much fun,

Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick Stare at me (9)

plum lipstick

It does not set or anything it feels light but somehow I dont like these lippies, poor pigmentation, gritty and need to swipe on and on,though nice shades I would not recommend these. The staying power feels average too but the texture is just not me, you can skip this.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 The 250 bucks ones are better.

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23 thoughts on “Rimmel Color Show Off Lipstick – Stare at Me

  1. I am literally staring at ur lip swatch… *hihi* *hihi* lovely color *woot* *woot* but sad that doesn’t pay off that well *scared* *scared*

  2. U totally justified it’s name. Stare at me.. *woot* *happydance* such pretty swatch, am staring at ur pic only leave the lippy.. *hihi*
    Nvr picked rimmel bt I ws thinking of getting one soon. *happydance* Probably nt this one thpugh *nonono* .. the shade is really my kind know.. *drool* *clap*

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