Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara Review

Skin tone: Medium, tanned
Hi beauties,
Today I am going to share my take on Rimmel Extra Super Lash, Lash Building Mascara in the shade Electric Blue. I never tried any colored mascara before this. Blue is a nice shade for eyes and that’s why I have started experimenting with this particular shade. To know more about this keep on reading.
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Building Mascara Electric Blue

Product Description:

• Has lash building formula for highly defined lashes.
• Allows for the building of unlimited coats of mascara on the lashes.
• Maintains perfect lash separation and definition, without clumping or sticking.
• An eye opening experience!

Price: Rs. 275/- for 8ml
mascara tube

My Experience with Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara:

Packaging: The mascara comes in a sleek black tube with all the details printed on the body. It is very common looking tube, but easy to carry around. The wand is also a normal long wand applicator. The applicator bristles are placed in a spiral design and it goes wider to thinner till the top of the applicator. It is easy to use and the thin side coves small lashes nicely. There is no mess during application. The wand picks perfect amount of product at one go.

Shade and Pigmentation: I have the shade ‘Electric Blue’ and it is a beautiful vivid blue shade. I wish the shade was a bit deeper; that way it would look more gorgeous. It is not exactly a deep blue shade but a nice medium popping blue. It makes my lashes look totally different and it gives a beautiful hue.

The mascara is nicely pigmented; it needs two to three strokes for the perfect color to show up. As I have super black lashes so I need more coats than usual black mascara. It goes well with my brown eyes and it also suits on my medium skin tone nicely. I really like this beautiful vibrant blue shade.
rimmerl blue mascara

Texture and Quality: The consistency is thick and creamy, which glides on lashes smoothly. It coats each and every lash easily and defines them nicely. It feels light on lashes even after three coats. Layering doesn’t make the lashes clumped up to 3 coats. The texture dries out quickly so there is no risk about mess.

It says it is a lash building mascara and yes it is. It enhances the length of my lashes nicely and also provides decent volume to them. It is not exactly a super volumizing one but not bad either. It can’t provide the dramatic look but it definitely makes my lashes big and beautiful. But what I feel bad about this mascara is that, if I apply more layers, it can’t hold my curls for long. After few hrs of application my curl weighs down little. It can’t open up my lashes, I need to curl them. But otherwise it is really nice to makes my lashes longer and bigger.

Staying Power: The mascara stays on my lashes nicely until I remove it. Color doesn’t smudge or fade at all. It is not 100% water proof mascara but it is definitely water resistant. It survives well even during this hot weather. Only the curls fall flat after few hours.

Overall it is a nice experience with this blue mascara. This shade looks nice and trendy. Currently I am totally in a mood of playing with colors and I am super happy with it. It is a pocket friendly option to try new shade.

Pros of Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara:

• Nice travel-friendly packaging.
• Wand works nicely to reach each and every lash.
• Tempting blue shade looks nice on lashes.
• Suits my medium skin and brown eyes nicely.
• Decently pigmented shade.
• Smooth creamy texture glides easily & dries up quickly.
• Defines my lashes & doesn’t clump generally.
• Provides good noticeable length and decent volume.
• Lashes look bigger.
• Smudge proof and water resistant.
• Color doesn’t fade and stays long on lashes.
• Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Cons of Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara:

• Layering weighs down my lash curl.
• Can’t truly open up my lashes without a curler.
• Not 100% water proof.
• Can’t provide that dramatic eye look.
• No ingredient list.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara?
Yes, if you want to try something new and don’t want to spend lots of money then it is a good option to go with.

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6 thoughts on “Rimmel Extra Super Lash Electric Blue Lash Building Mascara Review

    1. Yeah but I really like to try something new, As Roh said, you can try a royal deep blue, if you want.. 😛

  1. I love this bright blue mascara – I think it’s the best one in in the Indian market (and yes that includes the stuff that’s showing up in Sephora now).

    I used to use this with just a liner, and at first people would just assume I had blue liner on, and then do the double take. It made my brown eyes look richer and generally was so beautiful.

    @Chayanti, may I suggest using an eyelash curler? I find that it helps for me, especially since I have long lashes – you do too, so it might be the weight for the length that ismaking the curl loosen. I also use an eyelash primer, and use one less coat of the actual mascara. (I always use a primer these days).

    @Tanya, if you want to try a coloured mascara, there are deeper blues on the market, which will be a lot more subtle than the Rimmel one, which is very bright! You could also try purple, which is much less vivid than blue and also looks very good on brown eyes. 🙂

    1. You are right a primer really helps to enhance the color and keeps mascara in place. It’s a nice idea to try. 🙂

  2. where have you got this one ?! it was my favourite mascara when I was younger, and now it seems that Rimmel discountined it ? I can’t find it anywhere :(((

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