Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss Review

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss

This is one gloss that definitely lives up to its name of Kiss & Stay! Ladies, have you ever tried a gloss that survived a kiss? Probably not, but this one will do exactly that! I was going through my little make-up bag and found this gloss hiding. I had bought it for its long lasting effects because it is perfect for special events.

Anyways, moving on to the lip gloss itself, the shade is called First Kiss (110). How appropriate. I picked this shade initially because it was such a pretty pink…more like a pouty pink! I like pouty lips! It actually has quite a bit of product: 0.135 fl oz. The cool thing about the lip gloss is that it has two sides: Step 1 which is the pink dense side, and step two, which is the glittery translucent side with some light pinkish tint. It says that the base coat (pink) was made in Italy, while the top coat (glittery) was made in USA. All my lip products are lip glosses because I am not a big fan of lipsticks because they are dry and too dense for me.

Rimmel London Lip Gloss
Rimmel London Lip Gloss

Rimmel London Lip Gloss
Rimmel London Lip Gloss

First Kiss Lip Gloss Claims:

  • 10 hour high fidelity Lip color with enduring shine 2 steps
  • Light weight non-sticky liquid lip color bonds to lips
  • Unique liquid pearls gloss top coat seals and magnifies color with a crystal shine gloss effect for the ultimate glass shine finish that will stay put
  • Comfortable lip gloss that stays around
  • Won’t dry lips or fade fast
  • Smoothly glides on

What I think about  Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss :

  • The long lasting staining effect is a bit too much for me, I only want the gloss on for a few hours as opposed to 10
  • Can’t completely remove it without a make up remover
  • You can feel the stickiness on your lips when u apply the top coat
  • Colors are quite bright made for the purpose of giving a lipstick effect
  • It is not very moisturizing, the pink stain left my lips very dry until I applied the top coat
  • Supposed to wait 2 minutes after applying the base coat before applying the top coat or it will chip and so on
  • It is quite sparkly and shiny
  • The applicator of the pink stain is right on, but the gloss applicator is a bit flimsy
  • You will run of out of the gloss much before you will run out of the bright stain
  • The claims are mostly true, but it just depends on your lip gloss style

Rimmel London Lip Gloss
Rimmel London Lip Gloss

Okay, it looks pretty! It doesn’t look as bright as it is here!

I think the lip gloss is very effective for people who want a long lasting effect, but it is not for everyone. I must say it did make my lips look hot, but I just don’t wear bright lip colors since I do heavier eye makeup! But I think I will give it a try with some muted eye makeup to make my lips pop this once!

Rimmel London Lip Gloss
Rimmel London Lip Gloss

It didn’t go from my lips even after I washed it and scrubbed it with tissue paper! That is how long lasting it is! 🙂

Btw, there are 12 shades available but the majority is in brown-pinkish colors and variations of the color pink! It is about $5-$7 depending on where you get it from. Pretty reasonable for the quantity you get. You should definitely try it and see which color suits you! I will be trying more colors as well!

My rating for this lip gloss would be: :-* :-*:-*

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  1. wow ur lips looks beautiful i brought RIMMEL 080 lipsticks n its having long lasting effect .it stays 5-6 hours and also moisturize ur lips like balm….

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