Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Big Bang Review

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Big Bang

It’s the End of Colour as you know it!
The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine.
It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both!


INR 475

This is the second hot red shade I got , in fact this is the only red in the collection, but it is too red, pure bright blood red, very bridal for India but on its own I do not think I have the nerve to wear it alone, but it is a good creamy lip lacquer nevertheless.This does not have any shimmer or frost, it is a bang on red, truly a red!


The color is very bright, the shade is almost neon red, I think a bit too much for brides too,coming to the texture, it is very thick, opaque and creamy, the color can almost be used like a tint or stain, with some effort with fingers, applying it in coats can e too much, it really covers the lips well, so pigmented lips can try it.


The texture is very concentrated pigmented red, it is not a forgiving product, you need to shape your lips well or else it will really look out of place, the color can be blotted or may be some loose powder can be dusted over it to make it lighter, otherwise it is a bright red plus the glossy finish is major OTT.


You can see some pink undertones to it, when it fades away, some kind of light stain is left behind, it stays for a long time, 4-5 easily and does not bleed but once it smudges, it could look disastrous, so maybe using a red lip liner around the lips and on the lips as a base is a good idea.Otherwise too the feel is very satiny.



I am not a fan of the packaging but the wand with this little hole that collects more product while you apply, is nice. The wand is unique and picks up the right amount of product.


This one is almost like a lip cream and the finish is creamy glossy, not wet lip look, but for me the color is best used as a stain, a tint or may be with a nice lip brush to define the lip contour, or else it is really not forgiving.


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10 thoughts on “Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Big Bang Review

  1. The color is just bang on too bold and bright not for me, but as u told it will look great as a stain 🙂 , can’t wait to see other shades on u *preen*

  2. wow.. superb shade apt for night outs, parties n bridal wear.. *woot* *woot* I loved it on u neha.. *whistle* *jai ho* Me want… *drool*

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