Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat Review

Raise your hand if you bite your nails, or ever used to! I used to belong to that category, until marriage dates were fixed, and then I was trying to correct every flaw about me for that big day! But even when you put in all restraint and control to grow your nails, their brittleness becomes a big impediment. I tried drug store base coats, nail paints with base coats, nail stickers- what not! Further, I also wanted a cost effective solution and not indulge in those expensive nail brands. Then one day while browsing through the cosmetic section of Parcos, I came across this specific product from Rimmel. And I found the answer to my misery!

Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat

What the brand says about the product:

  • Double duty base coat: strengthens and protects.
  • Enriched with calcium and Keratin. Adds strength to weak nails.
  • Increases the shield against damage.
  • Use as a base and top coat, or alone for a naturally shiny finish.

INR 265 for 12 ml. Online sites usually provide discount on this during sale time.

Rimmel base coat

My Experience with Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat:

I have been using this product for almost 2 years and it has become a staple in my nail products kitty. I use it as a base coat, top coat, and it helps splendidly in providing the required strength to my nails. The product looks pinkish in the bottle; however, rest assured, it comes out absolutely transparent when applied on the nails. It doesn’t alter the colour of the nail paint as a base coat or as a top coat. When used as a top coat, it helps provide an additional sheen to the nails. The consistency is fluid, not as thick as a nail paint, but not runny as water.

top and base coat

The brush is also adequate – flat and wide enough to cover each nail in two swipes. Also, it dries up pretty quick. Under the fan, by the time I finish applying it over all my fingers, I can move on to the next coat or nail paint without fear of smudging. It smells like any typical nail paint, and I don’t have any issues with it. Another thing that I have noticed is that when worn on its own, it doesn’t chip. It will last you through the week too. However, with a nail paint and as top coat over a nail paint, I don’t get the same effect.

Rimmel top coat

I want you to check out my nail pic and see the hair line crack there. I get these kinds of nail splits often and this product rescues me every time. Also, as my nail grows, they are stronger – they don’t bend or snap easily. If topped with 2-3 coats, I have realized it prevents staining also, prevents but not stops completely. The bottle and brush are to my liking, so if a little product is leftover, I usually add my favourite colour to fill it up again and continue using the bottle.

rimmel stronger base coat

Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat

I am very impressed with this product and would continue to use it. It has helped me achieve long nails, which a lot of my friends asked if were fake! I have started using nail cutter for my nails and this is the only product which helped me achieve it.

Pros of Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat:

  • Does what it claims! Full marks for the stronger nails claim.
  • Product consistency is more of fluid-like quality.
  • Affordable and you can get additional discount on it during online time!
  • Adds sheen to the nail as top coat, can easily substitute nail buffing.
  • Brush is good and convenient to use.

Cons of Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat:

  • Not available across drug stores.
  • Requires continual usage, cannot be a start stop product.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat?
I would recommend it to everyone. I have found this to be one of the most versatile nail products that deliver what it claims. I am already on my third bottle, and not planning to move to anything else. I haven’t tried more expensive brands yet, but with this, I may just never have too!

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    1. Nail splits are such a common issue. Yet we never seemed to be aware of it. Try this, it has helped me live for months with a nail split without breaking.

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