Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat Review

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The other day I was watching Chihiro of Choicerish channel and she mentioned this product demonstrating how amazing this product is and how it makes any lipstick transfer proof. I was sold! Read further to find out more about it!





Price: ¥1200

Made In: Japan

How To Use:
Apply your lip product as you normally would. Shake the Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat tube really well and dispense a small water droplet-sized amount onto your fingers. Dab it over the lips and blend. This product is supposed to be used on top of your lip product to seal it in place.




As for the packaging and the dispensing of the product, it comes in a white plastic squeeze tube. The tip of the tube (which dispenses the tube) is quite narrow, so there is good control of the amount you want to dispense. I like the colourful outer packaging more than the plain inner packaging!

My Thoughts On Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat:

This product mattifies and fixes the pigment from the lipstick or any lip product onto the lips and makes it transfer-proof. This product was released in February 2015, so I am glad to bring you this review now. It is unscented and there is 6 g of product. The package claims that the amount is enough for 60 applications. It has been ranked #1 on i-VoCE the month it released.


One thing to note is that the product squirts out after shaking and squeezing the tube. It is about water droplet-sized and taking a second blob is going to be too much product, which will be like ‘too much of a good thing’. If you do happen to get too much product on the lips, the clear liquid flows out of the lower lip line and on to the chin. Sometimes the pigment gets transferred on your teeth and chin as well. So the amount to be taken out is very important.

Above Swatch of Lipstick; Below Swatch of Lipstick with Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat:




The other important step of the process is to shake the container well to mix all the ingredients, otherwise the product that comes out can be a little watery and will take longer than usual to dry down (about 10 minutes) and does not mattify properly. But if done right, it dries down in about 2-5 minutes and makes the lipstick matte and locks it in place. At this point, it is completely transfer-proof. It won’t transfer onto the food you’re eating or your coffee cup or baby. So it gives you 2 benefits in 1. I do the kiss test on my daughter to see if it has set 🙂 The lip colour stays put through eating and drinking.

Above test on tisuue; Below Swatch of Lipstick with Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat after test:


My biggest issue with this product is that it bunches up the pigment of the lip product and makes it settle into lip lines. If you smile, you will see where the pigment sits and it shows more on unexfoliated areas of the lips; this is especially clearer if you examine your lips up close in the mirror. Otherwise it just looks like a matte lipstick. When this happens, you have to make sure the pigment gets evenly distributed again (which can be difficult with matte lips). So instead, I recommend moving your lips around a bit right after applying the product, before it has a chance to set. Also note that if you layer any product on top, it will not be locked by the product and will move around as it would on normal lips.

Longetivity: Once the lipstick is locked in place with this product, it takes about 5-6 hours to come off on its own as you talk/eat/drink.

Feel On The Lips: Even though this product mattifies your lip product beautifully, the matte lips don’t feel uncomfortable but feel quite dry. You can top it off with a lip balm or any lip product at this point and it won’t take away from the intensity of the lip product you mattified in the beginning. Exfoliating the lips and moisturizing them for a while before going in with this product also helps. Having said all that, it does do its job well and we ladies know how difficult it is to get hold of a product that makes our lipstick budge-proof! Since this is absolutely transparent, the intensity of your lipstick is not lost, which is another thing I really like. This is especially more apparent with brighter or bolder colours.

Pros of Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat:

  • Mattifies lip product and seals it in place.
  • Makes the lip product completely transfer proof.
  • Colour intensity of the lip product is not lost.
  • Plenty of product in the tube – lasts for 60 applications.
  • Good packaging.
  • Good value for money.

Cons of Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat:

  • Pigment bunches up and settles into lip lines – more apparent on unexfoliated lips.
  • Have to shake the tube properly every time.
  • Have to be careful while dispensing the product – too much or too little doesn’t work well.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat?
Yes! I definitely think it is worth trying once!

Would I Repurchase Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat?
Yes, I think it will be more helpful during the hot summer months, when sometimes you feel the makeup melting off your face.

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