Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara Review

I have phases of mascara, sometimes I cannot do without them and then sometimes I just ignore. But importance of mascara in eye makeup is huge. Only a kohl and mascara is enough to give you the everyday look. I got a few mascaras recently and here is the review on the new one by Rimmel.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara

Price – Rs 510/- for 12ml


My experience with Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara:

The packaging as you can see is like regular mascara, thick fat chubby with gothic design on the body. The unique thing of the packaging is the wand. It is wavy with varying thickness of the bristles. Though it looks weird on the first go, but the bristles work well so you get to know the importance of the shape once you start using it.


The mascara is creamy and takes a while to dry up on the lashes. It gives really good curl to the lashes and it holds the curl for a few hours as well. Even without using the eyelash curler, I get the curled lashes effect with this one. It adds considerable amount of length as well, but there is no volume added to the lashes. The negative side to the mascara is, it tends to feel heavy and clump up the lashes when two-three coats are applied.


The mascara is not waterproof but water-resistant. It stays on the lashes as long as it is not removed, but the curl tends to fall after 3-4 hours. I am fond of volume-mascaras, so this is not really a favorite of mine, but if you are looking for a curling, lengthening mascara, do give this a try. It gives good amount of curl to the lashes without the lash curler.

Pros of Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara:

• Simple chubby packaging.
• Unique spoolie shape.
• Curls the lashes.
• Holds the curl for long.
• Gives length to lashes.
• Long wear.
• No irritation.


Cons of Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara:

• No volume.
• Multiple layers become uncomfortable.

IMBB Rating – 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara?
Repurchase – no, because I look for more volume than length and curl in my mascara.
Recommend – yes, if you are looking for curling lengthening mascara.

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