Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Never Forget You Review

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Never Forget You
Product Description

Vinyl lip gloss amplifies your lips. Up to 80%more shine with Magnifying Vinyl shine complex. Formula with Vitamins A, C, E and shea butter for protected lips that feel moisturized. Non Sticky formula.

Price & Quantity: INR 290 for 4.5 grams



I have reviewed the fall in love shade which is lighter version of this one.This one essentially is a bright metallic pink, yes the shimmer is so concentrated that it looks metallic shiny. If you want to wear it lighter pink, then apply a thin layer to get a nice softer pink with diffused shimmer.SO yes this one is a metallic version of the fall in love shade and I picked up both together.

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The first thing you like is the pretty see through pack, the cap is black with some kind of heavy top of plastic to it. The price is justified for the packaging and the gloss. I have no complaints except that the wand is very outdated simple doe foot applicator.


the color has pink shimmer and it is on the shiny side rather than a soft shimmer it lends it a metallic tone. Well if you concentrated this on the centre of the lips, then this would make your lipstick pop and lips would look fuller.If you like to wear pink glosses then wear it lightly in one coat and diffuse the shimmer, it looks really pretty.


The pink is on the cool toned side so warm skin tones can skip this gloss.The texture is not runny, it is perfect and the gloss is not really annoyingly sticky.This does not bleed or leave a clear liquid soon. The shimmer does spread around if you use your lips too much or do not remove with care.The gloss fades and the shimmer stays back by sticking on the lips, just to let you know if you are not okay with it.

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This is a nice day wear no doubt and not overtly metallic, it adds some color and still not too much on the face.IT stays of an average 1-2 hours and shimmer is left behind.I am happy with the pigmentaion and the color and texture, good buy for the price of 290.

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  1. Looks beautiful on you *haan ji* ….the shade is very much like maybelline lip polish in glam 2..only the latter has better staying power 😀 😀

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