10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night

By Tanya Arora

Lovely ladies,

How are you all doing? I am sure just continuing to spread your charisma around. Someone rightly said, “Men like what they see, women like what they hear”. When it comes to going on a date, you pick that favourite dress of yours, the perfect accessories, the best makeup stuff, but there is one thing that is very much under-rated. Yes ladies, your hair! That part of you which is always screaming for attention. Hairstyles dramatically change the way you look. But isn’t it a little difficult to figure out how to style your mane so that you look the best for the day you waited for so long? Leave it to us and spend your time dreaming about your date. Try out these romantic hairstyles and attract him in a way he can’t resist!!

Romantic Hairstyles for Date Night

1. The Messy Braid

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night8

This is a hairstyle that makes your hair look charming and luscious. It gives you a casual look yet makes you look pretty and natural. The interesting thing about the messy braid is that you can style it differently and it gives you a different look every time!

2. Ponytail

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night

Oh! Bless the person who invented ponytails! Isn’t it the most versatile hairstyle ever? Did you know, according to a survey, men get more attracted towards women wearing a ponytail because as the ponytail sways from side to side, they catch their attention which makes them gaze at the lady? 😛

3. Glossy Waves

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night10

This is a hairstyle that suits short to long hair. Glossy waves make you present yourself as glamorous and fashionable. Side part your hair to give it a perfect look.

4. Side Parting

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night7

Can you imagine how just a side parting can work wonders for you? All you got to do is side part your hair and rest them all on a shoulder. It gives you a flirty, simple yet stylish look.

5. Messy Bun

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night5

The best part about this hairstyle is that you do not need to be perfect to make this bun. It is an easy yet a very chic hairstyle. Also if you are in a hurry, this is a hairstyle you can count on.

6. Soft Curls

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night2

This is one of the most natural looking hairstyles and the best option when you wanna look cute and romantic. It makes your hair look voluminous and gives you a sexy look. Best suited on long hair and, guess what? Men love long hair. 😉

7. Side Braid

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night1

The side braid accentuate your features by keeping the focus on your face and is perfect if you have to jump in a date directly after work.

8. Sleek Look

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night6

The sleek look never goes wrong. So when in doubt, go sleek. It gives you a clean and confident look which just adds to your charisma.

9. High Bun

10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night3

There are days when you really are in no mood to let your hair down, the high bun proves to be a saviour. It gives you a classy look and also shows that you are confident in the way you carry yourself.

10. Side Swept Bun10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night4

This hairstyle is a perfect way to show off your beauty bones. Keep some curls hanging from here and the and let him fall in love with you over and over again.

Try these hairstyles and let us know how these worked on your date. Glam up and we are sure he already has a second date planned for you. Don’t have a date? A night out with girlfriends is not such a bad idea either. 🙂 😉

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7 thoughts on “10 Romantic Hairstyles for Your Special Date Night

    1. You can get the sleek look by simply straightening your hair or applying a smoothing serum and then blow-drying your hair. Hope it works for you !

  1. Wow interesting and a romantic review *blush blush
    * 😛 Love to experiment hair do’s even when I am pressed for time usually. Love side sweeps, brief curls and the side braid also the high bun 🙂 Romantic’ooh date night deserves that 😀 oh I also love messy hair do’s <3

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