6 Rosehip Oil Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

Rosehip oil is a powerhouse of benefits if you want beautiful, smooth, and healthy skin, but its benefits are not limited to skin alone. Do not be surprised if we tell you that rosehip can give you lustrous and beautiful hair as well. This article will tell you why you should start using rosehip oil on a daily basis to prevent hair loss. It makes your hair healthy and strong. Rose hip oil has essential fatty acids like linolenic acid, and it is high in vitamin A, C, E and also antioxidants. Wow, that’s a lot of good things packed into a single oil. Do you know that the oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa). Rosehip seed oil is also extracted from Rosa canina, which grows in many regions of the world. As I have mentioned previously, this oil is high in essential fatty acids, linoleic acid or omega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3. This wonder oil repairs damaged hair, aids in healing of tissues, moisturizes skin and hair. Talking exclusively about the benefits of rosehip oil on hair – it soothes dry and irritated skin, which in turn cures dandruff, and if you are having hair loss because of dandruff, you need this oil in your life! Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, it nourishes scalp and follicles deeply. It adds immense hydration to the hair and scalp and prevents breakage.

Tricks with Rosehip Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

When used in combination with other essential oils, rosehip oil takes care of a lot of skin woes as well. here are a few examples:

  • To cure acne – use rose hip along with tea tree oil.
  • To get rid of scars – use rose hip oil along with Frankincense oil.
  • To get rid of dark spots – use rosehip oil with lavender essential oil.
  • For bright skin – use rosehip oil plus rose essential oil.

Rosehip Oil can be used in multiple ways to prevent and correct hair loss. We will tell you about some expert tips to 7 Expert Tricks with Rosehip Oil to Prevent Hair Loss and strengthen hair.

Rosehip oil to prevent hair fall

1. Rosehip oil with coconut oil: Take equal quantity of rosehip oil and pure coconut oil and warm up the mixture slightly (use double boiling method). When the oil is just warm enough, use a cotton ball to apply this mix directly on to the scalp.

2. Rose hip oil, amla oil, castor oil, almond oil: In an empty bottle, take equal quantities of rosehip oil, amla oil, almond oil and mix well. Massage this oil thoroughly into the scalp and let it sit overnight or for two hours, and rinse off.

3. Rose hip oil with vitamin E: Rosehip oil already has vitamin E in it, but adding a few vitamin E capsules (Evion) would strengthen up hair and prevent hair loss.

4. Rosehip oil hot oil massage:  Warm up the oil a bit and use it as a hot oil hair treatment to nourish and moisture to your scalp. Do this twice weekly to prevent hair loss and also to grow out healthy hair.

Cold pressed rosehip oil

5. Rosehip oil with argan oil:  What happens when you combine one superfood for hair with another – argan oil is called liquid gold because of its ability to treat all skin and hair problems.  Since both argan oil and rosehip oil have high vitamin E content, they work as a magic potion to treat and prevent hair fall. Mix both oils in equal proportions for beautiful hair.

6. Rosehip oil with jojoba oil: This combination of oils works as an elixir thin hair. It works to nourish and moisturize hair.

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