Rosette Cleansing Paste Review

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing good. This brand has sold more than 10 million units of this tube. So, it is incredibly popular here. Is it really good or is it all false hype? Let’s find out:

Rosette Cleansing Paste

This cleanser comes in a green squeeze tube with a blackish cap. It is easy to control the amount of product you dispense. There is 120 g of product in the tube.

Water (purified water), myristic acid K (vegetable soap), stearic acid (protective agent), glycerin (humectant), stearic acid K (vegetable soap) • DPG (moisturizer), sulfur-containing silicate Al (sea mud-cleaning agent) lauric acid K (vegetable soap) lauramidopropylbetaine (vegetable soap), talc (feel modifier), kaolin (feel modifier), octenylsuccinate trehalose (cleaning agent), R. multiflora fruit extract (Rose fruit extract, humectant), glycyrrhetinic acid (skin off conditioning agent), ethanol (cleaning component).

Rosette Cleansing Paste

I bought this because of a famous youtube guru’s recommendation. There are 4 total variants in the line; one to deep clean pores (the green tube), one for plumping and firming the skin (pink tube), one for brightening (yellow tube) and one for treating and preventing acne (blue tube). The variety I bought is called Kaidei Smooth (Sea Clay Smooth). It is supposed to target blackheads and pores. It helps to deep clean pores and is supposed to be formulated with mineral-rich sea clay (or mud), which is good at absorbing excess oil and rose fruit extract, which helps tighten the skin.

Rosette Cleansing Paste

According to that particular youtube guru, the clay helps purify skin, has healing and skin balancing properties. It can thoroughly remove the deeply embedded oil and dirt from pores. It cleanses without stripping the skin. She also says it has anti-aging properties and helps with acne scars. It is free of scent, artificial colour and mineral oil. The name is weird, because they have translated the word ‘paste’ to “pasta.”  They claim this is because this product makes your skin like kneaded pasta dough – soft, clean and plump.

The cleanser comes in a green squeeze tube with a dark grey cap. There is 120 g of product inside.


Instructions To Use:
Dispense about 1 cm of product, add water and work into a foam. If needed, add extra water and repeat. With the foam, massage into the face and rinse off.

My Thoughts on Rosette Cleansing Paste:

A cleanser is essential in everyone’s routine and it helps to have a clean base to put all your skin care on top. I have pores on my cheek area, but I don’t have any blackheads. So right off the bat, I can tell you I don’t know how efficient this product is at removing blackheads. I do have a lot of acne scars and hyper pigmentation and this product sadly has not helped me with this at all. But I can tell you that it is a good, deep cleanser. The product itself is greenish clay in colour and foams up very quickly, but you have to work at it. You can work this product with a foaming net also.

Rosette Cleansing Paste

But this is the only disadvantage I can think of. Generally, any cleanser is going to leave your skin dry because its primary function is to remove dirt and sebum which your skin naturally produces. Some do it more than others. This is not drying on its own but is drying when used with my Shiseido Tiss 2 Way Off Oil. I appreciate all the good skin care products the brand has put in and the fact that it has 4 different types of cleansers targeting 4 different problems. It does give a very deep clean feel as it claims.

Rosette Cleansing Paste

Pros of Rosette Cleansing Paste:

  • Has some awesome skin care ingredients. Deep cleans well.
  • Free of scent, artificial colour and mineral oil.
  • Does not strip skin of moisture.
  • Easy-to-access packaging.

Cons of Rosette Cleansing Paste:

  • Have to work towards creating a foam as the Japanese people do.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Rosette Cleansing Paste?
Not this variant, but I am curious to try the other variants in the range.

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  1. I think it will work great on my dry skin which most of the products fail to. I love reading your reviews Ramya. You are surrounded by such great products. 😀

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