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Ask IMBB Gang
Ujas Asks:

I want to know routine office wear eye makeup . I generally use Maybilline unstopable eyeliner but it is difficult to use it on upper side of eyes. Also I recently purchase Maybilline Whitestay UV compact powder but it is so white that after applying it I look like the Casper( the Ghost )…Help please


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  1. Find a good foundation and or compact – My personal bet is MAC, because they can help you get a perfect match for your skin tone. Sheer pressed powder for a compact and for foundation try on any of the following Mineralise Skin finish, Studi Fix fluid, Studio Fix Powder plus (to skin the compact) and Studio Tech …

    But if you are one of the no jhanjhat types and you just want an even complexion then grab a good TM – read some of the products reviewed here.

    Grab a pencil for you upper lash line… one that glides on smoothly, wont smudge or transfer and is preferably water proof. Pencils glide on faster and easier than liquid but they dont give you the precise definition of a brush. Pencils – try the Lakme perfect definition eye pencils, the Revlon eye pencil or MAC powerpoint eye pencils or the Technakohl liners …

    Add some mascara for a lil bit of ooomph

    and you should be good to go :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. Hi Ujas! Here’s what I do: Neutrogena Moisturizer with SPF as base.Mix Biotique Morning lotion with Oriflame Peach me perfect & apply.Puff Maybilline Whitestay UV (Fawn).Apply Kajal/eyeliner or simply tightline my eyes.Curl lashes & apply Mascara.Do my brows.Apply blush either Colorbar Just Earth or Cosmic rose.Then I apply lipstick. & TA DA! Am done 🙂 Please feel free to ask if you have any queries

  3. Hey Ujas,
    I would suggest that if you have naturally good skin, then skip the foundation, simply use a tinted moisturizer over your face, line your eyes with kohl (lower water line), line your upper lids with a blue/grey/dark green eye pencil thickly and then apply liquid liner (thinly) over it…
    And yes! Do not forget to use a mascara for the “ooh la la” effect 😉

  4. Hey Ujas.. i am a fan of Whitestay compact.. I am sure you have got the white shade… Get “Nude” or “Fawn” next depending on your skin tone.. and instead of using the puff, use a fat powder brush or best way.. a kabuki.. The puff packs up too much powder making you look cakey or ghost-white…

    If you are new with makeup, try and use wooden pencils as they can be sharpened nicely to get a nice,precise line.. Try colorbar I-glide or best way.. Maxfactor Kohl pencils… :yes:

    Hope this helps.. :-)) :-))

    1. hi mrunmayee…i really wanted to kno which color wud go on my face…i took fawn as it was lookin very natural in the store…but i dunno…at home :no: :no: …it looks as if i’v darkened my complexion.. 🙁 :sarcasm: :sarcasm:

    2. Thanks Dear… u r right that m very new to makeup…specially the compact powder…but i think using brush insted of puff will surely help…

  5. Hi Ujas,
    You can use Biotique tinted moisturizer and a compact I use the one from color inc. Not sure if you get it in India. Lakme liquid liner, lakme kajal the new one from gypsy collection. Its a long stay one. I someone don’t like using maskara and foundation to office, I use them on special days like ethnic day. Use a nice lip gloss or a neutral shade lipstick with a transparent lip gloss.
    @Jahnavi thanks for your review on Cetaphil I really find a huge difference in my skin.. :yes: :yes:

    1. OMG Jaish, thank you :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: It fells really nice to know that something I recommended helped you :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Cetaphil is the bees kneees :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I definitely have to do one on their moisturizing lotion tooo

        1. YES !!! They have one for Oily Skin but I dont like that – it dries out the skin plus it has SLS which is the whole reason I switched from face washes to cleansers (to avoid sls). So I use the regular cetaphil and its just super awesome :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: and worth every penny – its miles better than anything else Ive ever used including Clinique

  6. Hi Ujas,
    About your Maybelline UV compact I think you’ve bought a shade paler than your skin tone because as per my experience the compact is just fine. As concerns your eyeliner problem you have not elaborated why you find it difficult to apply on upper eye. I have not tried this one but if its not smooth enough I guess you could blow hot breaths over the tip to melt it some, personally I use liquid eyeliner and with a steady hand and some practice its pretty easy to apply and in my opinion lasts longer. I sometimes wear just the liner (I have black, blue and aqua green liquid liners) and sometimes line thinly with liquid liner and add color and shimmer with Avon glimmerstick. Also on the lower line I wear kajal and bleedproof it with Lakme eye artist. I would suggest you to experiment some more and squeeze your moneys worth out of these products before writing them off as bad buys. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  7. Hey Ujas!
    You don’t HAVE to wear foundation or liner your upper eyelids. But if you want coverage, there are plenty of foundation reviewed on here that you can choose from

    This post will help you apply eyeliner:

    What I usually do is liner my lower eyes only, and wear color on my lips! It’s a nice break from lining the upper eyelids!

  8. @Devie it does work on any skin type. Makes your skin so soft after using for a week. Now me going to try their moisturizer also.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Hi again…. I want to add in view of approaching winters ( in Delhi its just round the corner :laugh: ) a TM is a good idea you can do away with the compact for a while ( am I right the IMBB gang???). :beauty: And though this is an unnecessary piece of information……… you could use your UV compact for prepping either your eye or lip makeup (free ka gyaan 😛 ). Since its winters I think a good moisturising TM would give you a glowy look (I use Biotique one in winters for summers its too oily for me, Ponds is better in summers) and darkened eyes would suit you.

  10. For office I do not line my upper lids……just apply kajal & mascara after applying a nude eyeshadow. 🙂 Regd Maybelline whitestay..I agree with the gang that u may have bought the wrong shade. I personally use Loreal mineral foundation which I did not like at all in summers(used to make me sweat) but am loving it now that the weather has cooled down 🙂

    1. Hey Monika.. acutally i didnt really select the colour cause the girl on counter herself give me the shade and its Ivory… my skin is fair so i didnt much bothered about the shade but i think i should use very small quantity for natural look…

  11. Ujas following works for me
    -> cleanse ,tone & moisturise.
    -> Do my hair while mosituriser sinks in(5-10 mins)
    -> MAC Concealer for under eye
    -> Any neutral eyeshadow all over the lid
    -> Fill in the brows
    -> Tightline
    -> Mascara
    -> Clinique pressed powder
    -> Blush
    -> Lipstick

    And out of the door

  12. 😯 😯 Ohh….it just occurred to me now that what makeup you wear to your office also depends on your office environment (i.e. corporate culture like in an MNC vs. Indian Family business aka conservative Lalaji company), the industry you’re working in (like difference between IT & Media) and your designation (like if you are a junior professional in some Law office you wouldn’t want your to ruffle your senior’s feather esp. a female senior, you wouldn’t want to outdo her in makeup and invoke her (passive) wrath) 😛 😛 ……..

    1. Hi Rajeshvari…. actually m working in UK based MNC and my designation is Engineer..i recently joined the company and to reach to the office i have to trave mostly for half an hour..

  13. hey i really think that if u find it hard to apply eyeliner on ur upper eyelid…u shud try a gel liner qith a bent brush (30T from inglot)…it really works for me…it used to take me hours to have a fine line on both my lids…but this jus takes a minute!! 😀 n ya

  14. hey ujas! here is what i do..
    1. use olay cream to moisturise my face
    2. chambor stay on waterproof eye pencil on my waterline.. it does not smudge and stays all day long :yes:
    3. i glide pencil in cocobar to line my upper lashes
    4. colorbar duo mascara for the oomph factor on my upper lashes
    5. the body shop lip balm in rasperry for my lips..
    n ta da.. i’m done for my day at work :chic:

  15. hi beauties……. so here i go eid my evvryday make up routine…..
    1. cleanse (neutrogena acne control cleaserr)
    2 tone ( fabindia teak tea toner)
    3 moisturize (lotus herbals alpha moist moisturizer)
    6 highlight cheekbone wid COLORBAR FACE ILLUMINATOR
    7 do my cheeks LAKME EARTH ROSE TRIO BLUSH
    8 lips wid REVLON LIP BALM
    …………… and i’m done wid my look………..

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