9 Rules for Heat Styling your Hair

By Khadeeja A.

Hello, beautiful ladies!

It is more than an era when heat-styling was meant only for red carpet events. Remember Kajol’s hair in DDLJ? She had naturally dried frizzy hair which was literally all over the place. But today, it’s no longer that case. These days everyone owns a flat iron, a curler, a blow dryer, a hot air brush and what not! They have definitely become every woman’s saviour but let’s not forget the after effects of heat-styling. So today, I shall take you through the rule book on heat styling your hair for a damage free hairstyling experience.

Rules for Heat Styling

Rule 1: Always use a heat protectant.

Never ever expose your hair to heat without using a heat protectant. There cannot be any excuse for not using a heat protectant. Imagine touching a hot flat iron with your bare finger. Ouch! Burns really bad, right? It is exactly the same with your hair. Your hair needs protection before all that heat tortures your hair. So, invest in a good heat protectant and never skip it.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair3

Rule 2: Never use heating tools on wet hair.

Wet hair is very sensitive and more prone to damage and breakage. So, avoid doing anything to your hair until it dries completely. Even when you have to blow dry your hair, wait for it to air dry for a while. And then, proceed with your blow drying routine.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair

Rule 3: Never heat-style your hair when oil is applied to your hair.

Using heat on oiled hair is like literally frying your hair. Never do that. Always start a styling session with clean hair and of course, a heat protectant.

Rule 4: Always condition your hair with extra attention whenever you need to heat-style your hair.

Using a conditioner provides enough moisture to your hair, so your hair feels prepped and is less prone to damage. If you can afford to invest in a few deep conditioning products and masks, your hair will thank you for that.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair1

Rule 5: Avoid heat-styling everyday.

I know that it is really difficult to resist the perfect curls or the glossy hair that our heating tools can give. But, think about the damage that these tools do to your hair in the long run. So, try styling your hair less frequently.

Rule 6: Use good quality tools.

Good quality styling tools mean less damage and better results in less time. Use standard tools from trusted brands which provide high heat and heat regulation settings. If your styling tool takes a long time to style, your hair will get exposed to heat for a longer duration of time and this prolonged heating session does no good to your hair. Professional tools heat up really fast and thus, there is less damage.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair2

Rule 7: Use a hairspray to set your style.

Whenever you style your hair, make sure you set your hairstyle with a setting spray. This way, your style will stay for a longer time looking fabulous all day long.

Rule 8: Take good care of hair if you use heat everyday.

If you really need to style your hair regularly and just can’t avoid the heat, make it a point to compensate for the damage by treating them with DIY hair therapies or any nourishing and conditioning products. Treat your hair with a good oiling and a hair spa session at least once in a week. This will help in protecting your tresses from damage.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair7

Rule 9: Trim your hair once in every few weeks.

Heat causes split ends and split ends lead to tangles and breakage. Hair loses its sheen after all the torture it goes through. So, get the ends of your hair trimmed frequently for a healthy looking mane.

9 Rules for Heat Styling Your Hair6

Tip: No matter how many measures we take, we cannot deny the fact that heat damages your hair a lot. So, try to avoid heating tools as much as you can. There are many DIY methods of achieving straight hair or mild curls without heat. Try them and leave the heating tools for special occasions. Have a good day!

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