Rules and Format for Huda Beauty Lipsticks Sale on Rati Beauty App

Hi all, Rati bought a lot of Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks, this year and the last, for review and swatches on IMBB. She has not been using many of these lipsticks after swatching so we are doing a clearance sale for some of them on Rati Beauty app. The sale is exclusive to Rati Beauty app subscribers. You can participate in the sale only if you are on the app. Please do not contact us for purchasing these lipsticks on Instagram or otherwise.

huda beauty lipsticks photo

Information about the lipsticks

1. All these lipsticks are original lipsticks. We purchased them from Huda Beauty website, Sephora Paris, and Huda Beauty counters in London.
2. All these lipsticks are used and have been swatched at least once. However, we haven’t used them much after swatching.
3. All of them are in good condition since they are fairly new.

Sale Time and Venue:

5:00 pm, Saturday, 28th July, on Rati Beauty app.

Sale Format

1. It’s a flash sale. Comment fast as the sale is first-comment-first-buy sale. 🙂
2. There are 20 lipsticks, only one piece of each (except video star). So 20 people will get the lipsticks.
3. The sale post will start showing at 5:00 pm, Saturday, on the main feed of the Rati Beauty app. It will be a photo of lipsticks. You have to comment in the comment section.
4. One person can comment with only one lipsticks name maximum at one time. However, a person can comment as many times as she wants.
5. The lipsticks names coming up for sale are-
A. Liquid Lipsticks- Wild Child, Trophy Wife, Show Girl, Famous, Icon, Trendsetter, Silver Fox, Bikini Babe, Video Star (2), Crush, Cheerleader, Vixen,
B. Lip Strobes- Snobby, Fearless, Mystical, Shamless, Foxy, Posh, Saucey
6. A single comment with more than one lipstick name will be disqualified.
7. One user can get only one lipsticks at the most.
8. When the sale post starts showing, just start commenting with lipsticks name, one name at a time.
9. For any particular lipstick, we would compile the list of first bidder (commenter), second bidder (commenter) and third bidder (commenter). The first bidder would get a chance to buy the lipstick first. If the first bidder does not confirm the payment status within 12 hours, we would contact the second bidder and give her an option to buy. If the second bidder does not confirm the payment status within the next 12 hours, we would contact the third bidder and give her an option to buy.
10. All the lipsticks are Rs. 300 each. There are no hidden costs.
11. The sale is for Indian residents only.

3. How to download and subscribe to the app

PLEASE NOTE, it’s not a free app. You’d have to pay a small subscription fee of Rs 390 per three months before you can access the content.

GOOGLE PLAY STORE: rati beauty on google playstore
APPSTORE: rati beauty on appstore

Good luck to all! 🙂

Please ask any query in the comment section. Would be happy to clear any doubts that you have.

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