Rules and Format for MAC Sale on Rati Beauty App

Hey all, we’re clearing out some brand new and some used MAC products that Rati is not going to use further. All these products have been bought from stand alone MAC stores in India and abroad. Most of these products were bought some months ago. The brand new products are at 50% off. The products that have been swatched once are for INR 300 each. The sale is exclusive to Rati Beauty app’s paid subscribed members and will happen on 12th April at 5:00 pm.

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MAC Products Coming Up For Sale:

Brand New Products:

  • MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara Price (5 pieces): Rs 450/- each (Original price Rs 900/- each)
  • MAC Technakohl Liner (one piece each)- Photogravure (brown), Brownborder (brown), Graphblack (black), Squid (black)- Rs 600/- each (Original Price Rs 1200)
  • MAC Blush (one piece each)- Pinch-Me Moment, Sultry Sweet, Bashful Are We, Endless Sunshine- Rs 1000/- each (Original Price Rs 2000/- each)
  • MAC Metalista Palette ( 2 matte eyeshadows, 6 metallic eyeshadows, 1
    highlighter) (One Piece)- Rs 1950 (Original price Rs 3900/-)
  • MAC Total Babe Palette ( 6 matte eyeshadows, 2 satin eyeshadows, 1 highlighter) (One Piece)- Rs 1950 (Original price Rs 3900/-)
  • MAC Lipstick (one piece each)- Diva, Chilli, Velvet Teddy, Relentlessly Red- Rs 825/- each (Original Price Rs 1,650)
  • MAC Eyeshadow (one piece each)- Steamy Company (Veluxe Pearl), Take Tan (Frost), Embark (Matte), Pointless Needed (Frost), Utterly Likeable (Matte), Young & In Love (Satin), Soft Sophistication (Satin), To The Beach (Veluxe Pearl) – Rs 700/- each (Original Price Rs 1400/- each)

Lipsticks Used Once For Swatches

  • MAC Mini Lipstick (One piece each)- Cool Companion, Feed The Senses, Ablaze, Warm Welcome, Sunblessed, Morning Breeze- Rs 300/- each (Original Price Rs 900/- each)
  • MAC Liptensity Lipstick (One piece each)- Hellebore, Claret Cast, Ambrosial, Burnt Violet, Blue Beat, Medium Rare- Rs 300/- each (Original Price Rs 1900/- each)

Sale Format:

1. The sale image will be published on the Rati Beauty app at 5:00 pm on 12th April exactly.
2. The sale will happen through comments.
3. The comments have to contain name of two products at most. Multiple comments, with different product name each time, are allowed.

Sale Rules:

1. A user can buy maximum of two products.
2. The sale is based on first-comment-first-buy basis. For any particular product, the person who comments first with the product name gets to buy it.
3. The price of brand new products is at 50% off. The price of used products is Rs 300/- each.
4. The shipping is free.
5. Most products have been bought very recently.
6. You have to comment with names of one or two products at a time. However, a person can comment as many times as she wants.
7. A single comment with more than two products name will be disqualified.
8. When the sale post starts showing, just start commenting with the product names, one or two names at a time.
9. For any particular product, we would compile the list of first bidder (commenter) and second bidder (commenter). The first bidder would get a chance to buy the product first. If the first bidder does not confirm the payment status within 12 hours, we would contact the second bidder and give her an option to buy.
10. The sale is for Indian residents only. However, if you live abroad but want to ship somewhere in India you can participate in the sale.
11. There will be no returns or refunds once you transfer the money.
12. The payment would be through NEFT only.

Download the app

PLEASE NOTE, it’s not a free app. You’d have to pay a small subscription fee of Rs 390 per three months before you can access the content.

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