Rules and Format for Makeup Auction on Rati Beauty App

Hey guys, we are going to start another sale format from today- auctions. Auctions will give all our subscribers a chance to buy the product and buy it cheap. Also, Rati would be putting up new products in the auctions at times, product that she bought but never used. Now everyone can participate in the auction, even if they are late to comment.

rati beauty makeup auction

As always, the auctions are for our Rati Beauty app users and will take place on the app. Do not waste time asking us if you could buy the products on Instagram or otherwise.

Here the rules and format for participating in the auctions:

Format of the Auction

1. The photo of the product will come on the main feed of the Rati Beauty App. The text will mention the original price, our base price (price from which the auction will start), and usage of the product (new or used).
2. The auction will proceed in the comments where users will have to comment with their bids (check rules for bidding).
3. Once the auction time is over, the auctioneer (Rati Beauty team) will close the auction with “this auction is now closed” comment.
4. All the products Rati purchases are original products. We do not buy, use or sell fake or first copy’ shit.
5. The auction is only for Indian Residents. However, if you live abroad but want to ship somewhere in India you can participate in the auction.
6. We have only single piece of the product so only one person (last highest bidder) will get the product.

Rules for Participating in the Auction

1. The duration of the auction will be 15 min. However, if the auctioneer feels that people are actively bidding he/she can extend the time for a couple of minutes.
2. You can participate in the auction by mentioning your bid (in INR) in comments. Nothing else has to be typed except the bid. Any other superficial comment will be strictly deleted.
3. Comments without bids or tagging, prompting, encouraging, discouraging others or asking anyone to quit the auction will also be deleted. Except bids all other comments will be deleted.
4. Your bid has to be at least rupees 5 more than the last highest bid and cannot be more than rupees 50 more than the last highest bid. For example, if the last highest bid was Rs 250, you have to bid at least 255 but cannot bid more than Rs 300. Any other bid will be invalid and hence removed. You can bid as many times as you want in order to compete but each time your bid should be higher than the last highest bid (Rs 5- Rs 50 rule applies).
5. If you are the first bidder to comment and start the auction, the base price will be your last highest bid. For example if the base price is Rs 150, you can start the auction by bidding between Rs 155 and Rs 200.
6. The auction will end when the auctioneer types “This Auction is Now Closed”. No bids after this comment will be valid. We will not entertain any request to bid after the auction has ended.
7. The last highest bidder will be required to make the payment within 48 hours to our bank account through netbanking. If she fails to do so, we will put the product up for auction again in future.
8. Even when the auction is over, any comment tagging, prompting, encouraging, discouraging others or requesting for products will be deleted.

How to download and subscribe to the app

PLEASE NOTE, it’s not a free app. You’d have to pay a small subscription fee of Rs 390 per three months before you can access the content.

GOOGLE PLAY STORE: rati beauty on google playstore
APPSTORE: rati beauty on appstore

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