Rules for MAC Lipsticks Sale on Rati Beauty App

Hey all, last time the sale got over fast and all the lipsticks were sold out. So no one really had the time to read the rules. So this times I am publishing them in advance so that you can focus on the sale straightaway.

The sale is on Rati Beauty app so if you haven’t downloaded or subscribed to the app yet, do so before 5:00 pm today if you want to participate in the sale.

Rules for the MAC Lipsticks Sale

1. There are 18 lipsticks in total, one each of every name. These are old original lipsticks that Rati bought for review/swatches. The swatches of all the 18 lipsticks are already on the app. Those who want to find the swtaches, uncheck ‘IMBB’ and ‘Video’ section in the app and scroll down in the ‘Photo’ section.

2. You can comment with at most TWO lipstick names that you want in a single comment. Commenting with more than two lipstick names at a time will make your comment invalid. One user can get only two lipsticks at the most.

3. I’m going to post a small imaginary way the sale proceeds and how we decide to give lipstick to whom-

Commenter 1: MAC Wiggy 1, MAC Wiggy 10

Commenter 2: MAC Wiggy 10, MAC Wiggy 6

Commenter 3: MAC Wiggy 1, MAC Wiggy 6

Commenter 4: MAC Wiggy 10, MAC Wiggy 5

Now MAC wiggy 1 and MAC wiggy 10 will go to commenter 1 because she bid for them first (also her future comments will not be counted as she got two lipsticks already), MAC Wiggy 6 will go to commenter 2 as from her bid she was the first to bid for MAC Wiggy 6 only, commenter 3 will not get anything as both her bid lipsticks were bid by someone else first, and MAC Wiggy 5 will go to commenter 4.

4. On the appointed time, the sale post would go up on the app. Everyone can bid for the lipstick(s) they like. The sale happens on first-come-first-served basis. For any particular lipstick, we would compile the list of first bidder (commenter), second bidder (commenter) and third bidder (commenter). The first bidder would get a chance to buy the lipstick first. If the first bidder does not confirm the payment status within 12 hours, we would contact the second bidder and give her an option to buy. If the second bidder does not confirm the payment status within the next 12 hours, we would contact the third bidder and give her an option to buy.

5. The sale is open to Indian residents only.

6. In case you are the first bidder and you want to make the transfer within the specified 12 hour window, you can add our account right now, in case you feel it will take time for you to add it later:

Our Bank Details
Account Holder’s Name: LA Edukreation Pvt. Ltd.
Account Number: 50200007846902
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd, New Delhi
IFSC Code: HDFC0000092

Info About the Sale

Those who want info about the sale can look at this post

The MAC lipsticks sale is exclusive to our app ‘Rati Beauty’. You’d have to download the app and subscribe to it (Rs 390 per year).

Download the app

GOOGLE PLAY STORE (Android Users): rati beauty on google playstore
APPSTORE (Iphone Users): rati beauty on appstore

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