Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask Review

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Who doesn’t love the idea of a life-changing mask? Mud masks have always been so alluring. Having seen so many at the stores, I was craving to get one for myself. Today’s post is a review on Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask. Read on to find out about my experience with it.

Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Product Description:
This mask, rich in black mineral mud and algae from the Dead Sea, purifies oily skin and deep cleans. Your face feels younger, brighter and protected against the damage of time and external pollution.

27€ for 100 ml.

Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask


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Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

My Experience with Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask:

I had visited a Sabon store in Amsterdam and had then, read up a bit about the brand. I loved the concept of the store, the interior and the idea of how customers were welcomed into the store. I usually read up on the products I intend on buying because I want to know whether it worked for the users. The Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask, however, was a completely impulsive buy. On my trip to Cannes, my friend and I walked into a Sabon store. She picked up a lot of products as she was already familiar with the brand. This tempted me to try some products too. It happens to the best of us. Shopping with a shopaholic friend is so bad for your wallet. I had a few breakouts then and wanted to try a new mud mask. So, I picked up this product after a whole lot of encouragement from the sales lady.

Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

I smelled it then and it smelled a bit wrong to me; too synthetic to be a genuine mud mask. The fact that Sabon is a brand from Israel and that they have access to Dead Sea mud really pushed me to buy it. Israel seems like a country that could produce natural mud masks from Dead Sea minerals considering their proximity to the Dead Sea. So, I bought this mask.

Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

The first time I used it, I knew I hated it. This mask made my skin super itchy and red. It even aggravated my breakouts and pimples. There are so many issues with this mask. Firstly, it doesn’t spread well. I had to keep squeezing out fresh product from the tube because I was unable to spread it out over my face on a few turns. Secondly, it smells so bad and synthetic; like a cheap bar soap. Thirdly, it doesn’t function right. It does none of the things it claims to. My face doesn’t feel protected. It feels violated.

Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

I was so brave, I even decided to give it a second shot. I paid for this product and I wanted to be completely sure before I hated it. Yep, I was right. This mask is no good. I have purchased bad products before. Never before have I purchased a terrible product. I am so disappointed with this product. This product makes me never want to go back to Sabon again. I was so excited to try a mud mask. This just burst my bubble. At the moment, I’m just trying to get my skin better.

Pros of Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask:

  • None.

Cons of Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask:

  • Everything.
  • It doesn’t live up to its claims.
  • Smells terrible.
  • Not worth the money.

IMBB Rating:
1/5. Yes, it was really that bad.

Would I Recommend Sabon Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask?
I generally am a firm believer in the fact that a product works differently on every person. For this mask, I have to make an exception. I cannot see how this would work on anyone. So, no. I do not recommend it.

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  1. You are brave indeed, Bella that you tried it more than once. 😛 I love to use clay masks, they actually feel like they are clarifying the skin. But, this one is such a dud! 🙁

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