Is it Safe to Use Bleach Over Pimples and Marks? : Ask IMBB

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Neha A. asks:

I would like to know whether it is safe to use bleach as I have pimples and ugly marks over my face..


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10 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Use Bleach Over Pimples and Marks? : Ask IMBB

  1. i don’t think its a gud idea to use bleach over pimples as it will further aggravate the condition. 🙁 treat the pimples first and then try treating the marks when the skin is free from acne

  2. It really is not safe in my experience. I had used n it just became very aggravated n those pimples took a very long time to heal/disappear. After tat i avoid th spot of any pimple, if i use bleach.

  3. In my experience, it’s safe, been doing it for years. Among Indian brands I’ve used Jolen without any reactions. Just make sure that the acne nodules/cysts aren’t “open” when you use bleach! That’ll just exacerbate the condition. It’s safe to use on scars.

  4. yes it is remember nt to use on open cysts(puss filled). actually bleach even help in drying up the acne..but dnt overdo it.nd it is absolutly safe on scars.

  5. I’d rather suggest powder bleach than a cream bleach.
    You can bleach unless you have a super sensitive skin(Test: Does your skin turn too red while threading?? Then may be your skin is sensitive). 🙂

    For marks you can you natural bleach like honey.

  6. Do try patch test first. for scars only its not harm as such but bleaching agent make these scars more stubble & if you have sensitive skin dont use bleach. On pimples or cuts n burns never use bleach.It will aggravate infections

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