Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Lacquer – Silver Anniversary

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Lacquer – Silver Anniversary

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Since it’s summer, we can officially experiment with all the pastel colors and bright hues. Be it a bright lipstick or a pastel eye makeup, it’s the season where we don’t have to stick to a particular type of shades like the winters. And since it is the season of colors, I felt like reviewing another one of my favorite summer nail paints- a silver nail paint by Sally Hansen (again!!!) from the Diamond Strength range and the shade is called Silver Anniversary. Read on to find more about it.

Product description:

• Up to 10 day protection from breaking, splitting and cracking
• Infused with real micro-diamonds & platinum
• 32 Radiant shades

Product Ingredients:


Product Price: $5-8 for 13.3 ml

My views on Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail lacquer in Silver Anniversary:

Packaging: the packaging of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength nail paints is by far my favorite. It gives a luxe feel, the bottle is kind of chunky with a semi cylindrical shaped metallic brush applicator. The brush of Diamond strength nail paints is very thin yet firm. The bristles are super smooth and make the application easy and precise.


Shade and texture: the shade Silver Anniversary is a very pretty pearl-silver. It has minute silver shimmer particles that are clearly visible only in sunlight but indoors, the shimmer particles give a shine to the nails. This is one such shade that will go with every outfit on every occasion, it’s a very fuss-free color. The texture is the best part; it can be easily differentiated from the texture of other nail paints because it is smooth like butter. The application of the nail paint is not at all gritty or flaky like some other nail paints I’ve tried before. The texture of this nail paint, surprisingly, stays as it is for however long I’m wearing this on my nails, it doesn’t change after two days or so. Another thing, this nail paint stays true to it’s claim of “no chip nail color”. This nail paint just does not chip. Not even after six days though of course as the nails grow, it needs a touchup above the cuticles. But still, six days with no chipping, now that’s worth applauding!
Color payoff: the shade Silver Anniversary is a pearly silver and moor on the sheer side, but it is easily build-able. Around 4 coats are required to get the true color as it appears in the bottle. But mostly I just apply 2 or 3 coats because it works just fine for me that way. Another thing to be noted here is that despite the fact that it requires good 3-4 coats, it dries pretty fast, unlike some nail paints that when applied in multiple coats, sometimes take even 5 minutes or more to dry up.
Longevity: like I mentioned already, it is a chip-free nail paint, so it stays on me for as long as I don’t remove it with a nail polish remover. The color doesn’t fade or anything , it remains as it is. The shine remains intact. I think it’s one of the best Sally Hansen nail paints I own- it doesn’t chip, doesn’t fade on coming in contact with water, doesn’t smell funny, the shine remains intact throughout. What more does a girl have to ask? I think this one’s just perfect!


Pros of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail lacquer in Silver Anniversary:

• It is chip free!!! The nail paint remains as it is all throughout. It doesn’t chip at all. I’m gushing now, but it really is surprising how it doesn’t chip.
• Neither does the nail paint chip, nor do my nails. I don’t if it’s because of the “diamond strength” claim of this nail paint, but it really has strengthened my nails because normally if I don’t file my nails every 5 days or so, they become brittle and start chipping mad. But not so much when I’ve applied this nail paint.
• It is a nice color that will suit most skin tones
• The applicator brush is thin and firm and the bristles are smooth that ease the application and make it precise.
• Dries in no time despite multiple coats
• Stays on me for as long as I don’t remove it with a nail polish remover
• Very smooth in texture



Cons of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail lacquer in Silver Anniversary:

• Since it is sheer in nature, multiple coats are required
• Not available in India easily

I can’t find another con, since I practically love this nail paint. LOL.

Will I repurchase it/ do I recommend Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Lacquer – Silver Anniversary?

I will definitely repurchase more nail paints from Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength range but not this shade since there are gazillion nail paint colors to choose from. And I obviously recommend this wonderful brand of nail paints to every nail polish addict who has not tried Sally Hansen nail paints yet.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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