Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover +Weekend Haul



Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover

    • Extra fast.With Vitamin E.20% Stronger up to 50% Faster.
    • An enriched formula that rapidly removes nail polish.
    • A special blend of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E quickly and effortlessly dissolves polish as it gently moisturizes.
    • Helps keep nails strong and health-looking.
    • With essential nutrients to help promote strong, healthy-looking nails and cuticles every time you use it.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast  Polish Remover


INR 275

Rapidly removes even the toughest polish and darkest colors fast! Enriched formula easily removes polish with essential nutrients to help to promote strong, healthy-looking nails and cuticles with every use. A special blend of vitamins helps dissolve polish and replace needed moisture to nails.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover (4)

There are two things about make up I hate, mascara and nail enamel removal! I think it is quite a pain especially when you are short of time all the time like me. Till date there are three removers I love for my nails, Inglot, Revlon extra gentle and then the lakme one is something you keep on repurchasing but now I have got this sally hansen one and I think this will always be there now as a back up, and in phases when I think my nails are going bad, I will make sure I use the inglot one. But this one is quite satisfactory and comes true to all its claims.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover (2)

This is something I picked up online when I was buying my bare essentials, wipes, sanitizes, removers, makeup removers and so on, and I thought why not try this “extra fast” stuff since I find removing three coats of my polish quite a pain,and I must say I did find it extra fast.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover (1)

The bottle is huge, and costed me 275 which I think is fine, I always run out of the tiny lakme one so I needed a huge one, this does not come with a hole or stopper, the mouth of the bottle is wide open so you might want to transer it somewhere smaller in one of your travel jars or you need to be careful with this one.

nail polish remover (2)

The remover has acetone so I dont know what to say on that front, Inglot one is better any day and this smells of some kind of oil plus acetone and it does smell obvious, so sensitive noses take note.It does its job double as fast as any other I have, it leaves my nails brighter and more white, and it does not strip them dry as far as I can see. So these are the best points about this one.

nail polish remover (1)

I have not noticed my nails go weak or strengthen so to say, so I am happy, they haven’t gone any brittle or yellow than they were so I am happy, this one brightens and whitens my nails I could say that for sure. It removed three coats quite fast and I am super happy with that. So it suffices all its claims and hence I am in a position to recommend this one, of course I do say Inglot one is acetone free and this is not so take your call.

maxfactor haul and Loreal Bb creme

This is what I picked up for IMBB over the weekend, more Maxfactor lipfinity, blushes and tada! another BB cream from Loreal la creme, they have 3 shades I think and not much excited to see the shade range but again the cost could be a dampener considering it is the second highest BB ream around I have tried after Bourjois. Reviews coming up soon!
lakme office stylist nail polishes
And I could not resist picking up some nice nude nail paints from Lakme, ofcourse one is a rust 🙂 love it!

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21 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover +Weekend Haul

  1. nice nail colors…and that one is a huge bottle of remover isn’t it? i hate the small size bottle of lakme !! they get over so soon…I wanted to buy this sally hansen one but with acetone I backed off…love the colorbar-white bottle its acetone free…

    Lovely blush shades…looking ahead for your reviews *clap* *clap* *clap*

  2. Nice review Neha, yesterday only I bought one extra gentle one from Revlon and did lil bit more shopping *happydance* *happydance*
    Love weekends for shopping *happy dance*

  3. whaa all the nail paints are so tempting . cool colours. feel i should get one or two . i have all dark shades with me .

  4. I need this remover…so bored with the lakme one ! I am going to find this one… *jogging*
    And the nail colors are lovely…i have to check them out now.. *happydance* *nails*

  5. wow wt a colorful haul.. *happydance* *happy dance* waiting for more pics neha.. *shy* and ur hands are so pretty my gosh.. *puchhi* *whistle*

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