Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover

Strengthening Formula Polish Remover For Weak, Thin Nails

Hello Ladies, A nail polish remover is something which every girl needs, but seldom we care much about it and end up buying a product which may be cheap but calls for a lot of tugging and rubbing, the result is dry and brittle nails.  I was into that category, too lazy to think about the health of my nails and used to pick up anything I laid my eyes over.  Though a few years back, I caught hold of the pretty Lakme nail polish remover and sticked to it. Apart from the pretty colour, I didn’t like it much.  It did remove nail polishes well, but did nothing for my brittle nails.

Sally Hansen Fast and Gentle Polish Remover

So, I was again on a hunt for a decent polish remover and bumped into this nail remover on an e-shopping website, Sally Hansen Fast and Gentle Polish Remover (strengthening for weak, thin nails); with vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein…hmm, that sounded promising!!

Product Description:
An enriched formula that quickly and gently removes nail polish with essential nutrients to help promote strong, healthy looking nails and cuticles every time you use it. A special blend of Pro-Vitamin B5,Vitamin E and hydrolyzed wheat protein fortifies and improves soft, weak, thin nails. Helps keep nails strong and healthy looking.

Sally Hansen

Price Pinch:

290 INR (site offered discount) for 236.5 ml/8fl oz, MRP-325 INR (Sally Hansen has two other polish removers – one for sensitive and artificial nails, another one is moisturising).

Ingredients List:


Pros of Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover:

    • Its a large bottle and would last you for a pretty good time, a little bit of the product is enough.
    • Affordable.
    • It gently removes all coats of nail polish without any rubbing and leaves you with clean nails and also a healthy sheen.

sally hansen nail polish remover

sally hansen

  • It has a mild fragrance to it (which I felt like Camay soap 😛 ) and it tends to linger on for sometime, no strong smell of acetone.
  • No tingling or burning sensation.
  • It doesn’t dry your nails.
  • Ingredient list is mentioned.
  • No whitish film over nails like other more known brands.

Nail polishes

Cons of Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover:

  • I don’t like the packaging majorly because it has got a wide-open mouth and no stopper.  So, there’s always the risk that you use up the product more than required.
  • Availability may be a problem, I got it online.
  • Acetone may be a concern for some people, but I guess most of the nail polish removers contain acetone.  So, if you want, you can use some moisturising cream (I personally didn’t feel the need of any such).

Would I Recommend Sally Hansen Fast and Gentle Polish Remover?

Yes, I am super happy with the buy.  I was apprehensive initially, but now, I feel this is the best polish remover that I have used till date.

Would I Buy Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover Again:
YES, but this one would last me a pretty good time 😛

4.5/5 (-0.5 for coming without a stopper. I have to pour it into some other bottle, so that I don’t end up using more).

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21 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover

  1. me having ma good old lakme ka nail polish remover… it claims to have vit E… pr i wanna check out new ones available in the market… gr8 to read abt such a nice prouct 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Good review Sukanya…..a good nail polish remover is a must-have item…..have you tried Avon’s…..its amazing really :yes:

  3. nice review Sukanya :waytogo: … i use lakme …removes nail paint easily :yahoo:…but this product(Sally Hansen) offers a lot of quantity i must say

  4. I am liking this.. I think i will be ordering this soon.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I so wanted to try Sally hansen products :worship:

  5. If I tell my Amma that I want to buy a nail polish remover that costs Rs. 290…She’ll slap me and confiscate all my nail polishes. :bash: :tremble: 😥
    I’ll just stick to the ones I’m using now. 😐 But :thanks: for the lovely review,Sukanya! :puchhi:
    And I like that doll in the first pic….It looks like she’s bending over because the polish remover bottle was blocking here view. :dumb: :hihi:

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