Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color 640 Lavish Review

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Today’s review is a nail polish. Reviewing nail polish does send me back down the memory lane when my first review was published in IMBB a couple of months ago and it was a nail paint re-view. 😀 . And so much love I have received from IMBB family. 😀 . Velvet finishes are a craze in the beauty world, whether it is on skin or lips. So, here we have nail polish from Sally Hansen, which claims to be velvet for our nails too. 😉 . But, let us find out if all these claims are true or not.

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

Product Description:

No messy or loose powder necessary to create the lush velvet-like finish you’ve always wanted! Sally Hansen brings you Velvet Texture™ in a bottle- just two coats is all you need for a sophisticated look.

  • Plush, velvet look
  • Easy to apply
  • 8 stylish shades


USD 5.79


Shake gently. Apply 1 coat. Allow it to dry completely. Apply 2nd thin coat.

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

My Experience with Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color 640 Lavish:

I have never tried loose powder for nails, but when I found this nail polish claiming to give the same velvety finish, but with easier application I spent no time thinking whether to pick this up or not 😉 .
Sally Hansen Velvet texture nail polishes come in a rectangular bottle, different from the regular Sally Hansen bottles. The brush is neither too wide nor small. Can I call it semi-wide? 😛

Well, the brush makes it easier to apply the polish in one stroke on most of the nails, except broader nails like thumb. The consistency of the nail polish is a bit runnier as compared to regular nail polishes, but I guess this helps in applying the polish easily given the texture. If the consistency would have been thicker, The finish would be very uneven and ugly.

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

The shade 640, Lavish is a beautiful deep wine, dark burgundy shade. The nail color smells like color nail paints do and I did not find it bothersome.

First coat dries within seconds, but it’s preferable to wait for some more time before applying the second coat, otherwise the second one does not apply smoothly and gives a blotchy finish. It is easy to work on the first coat. But, with the second coat at times it even peels the already applied first coat along with the brush stroke, if the first coat is not dry enough 🙁 . The second coat looked fine and seemed to dry quickly, but I still got dents and nicks on it. So, it better to wait for sometime before starting with your work else it won’t just nick, but could even chip off 🙁 . Also, while application, any overlap gives a very uneven and ugly finish, which will happen for sure on broad nails. For example, the thumb which you cannot cover in a single brush stroke (You can see in the pic).

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

Now, let us talk about the texture of the nail color, which no doubt is different from the regular nail paints. The nail paint dries to a matte finish that really appears soft and makes you want to touch your nails more often. But, it is not as soft as velvet as per the claims. The texture is quite grainy (after drying) and not smooth. It does look classy and different. I wanted to buy all the 8 shades when I saw the nails on the advertisement at the display. Thank God I didn’t!!!

Though it does make your nails appear classy and stylish (that is the case if it was to be applied properly 😛 ), but staying power is poor… poorer… poorest!!! Yes, I don’t lie!!! It starts flaking off as soon as it is dry. Also, with just tiniest bit of housework and the nail paint chipped… in just a couple of hours. And not just chip, it chipped badly. I applied it one day, in the afternoon and by the second day, in the afternoon it was gone from the front half of my nails. And nobody likes chipped nail paint, right? I did think that may be I didn’t apply it correctly or did too much of housework, since I had guests, but every time I apply it, same was the case 🙁 .

Sally Hansen Velvet texture Nail Color 640 Lavish

Pros of Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color 640 Lavish:

  • Pretty shade.
  • Gives classy look to nails.
  • Wide brush.

Cons of Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color 640 Lavish:

  • Seems to dry quickly, but tends to get dents and nicks.
  • Starts flaking off as soon as it dries.
  • Very powdery finish.
  • Need to be careful during application else gives a blotchy finish.
  • Chips badly.
  • Doesn’t stay on nails even for one full day 🙁 .

IMBB Rating:

1/5 (only for the pretty shade and finish).

Would I repurchase/recommend Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color 640 Lavish?

NO! I’m very disappointed with this polish! I have never had a nail color which chips off as this one does. Moreover, none of us can keep applying nail color everyday in order to make it look fresh. This is one such that you apply just before going out and pray that it stays intact till you come back home!!! Not worth the money at all.

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  1. shade looks so pretty in the bottle. Sadly it doesnt look d same way on nails. i like glossy nail paints. Nice review though 🙂

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