Salon Hair Tips

Salon Hair Tips

Today I am compiling some awesome tips for hair that salons inculcate, some tips we could use every day to get salon style hair and also use these tips to rectify some common mistakes we make with our hair, take a look.

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This is a very common mistake we make, rinsing hair with hot water, you should always last rinse our hair with cold water to seal the cuticle, hot water makes hair dry.

When you blow dry hair, use the cool shot on your dryer last to seal your style.

Use an at-home glaze kit in between your hair color sessions at the salon, Glaze is like a top coat of polish for colored hair.

After blowdrying your hair,divide your hair from the temple to the crown in three section, and then use bigger velcro rollers for adding oomph and volume to your hair at the crown.

After shampooing, avoid keeping your hair wrapped in towel, this adds frizz, rather let them air dry to 80 % and then blow dry.

Remember how sunscreen has to be applied 30 minutes before stepping out, with hair products, apply them 10 minutes before styling the way you do,ten minutes helps the product settle into the strands well.

Clamping hair in curler is not always great, for quicker curls, wrap your hair around barrel and hold and release.

On days your hair feel flat,spray some water and dampen hair on the top, then blow dry for a fake fresh blow dry look.

Dry shampoo applied on clean dry hair roots, will help you with volume and also combat the dirt the hair will collect throughout the day

Use a paddle brush at the crown, hold hair vertically and then brush downwards to the root. Then settle the hair over the teased hair lightly and spray.

On days you dont want to style much, sweep hair to one side and use bobby pins to secure.

The natural oil and grease in the hair helps in styling hair at time, squeaky clean hair aren’t always the best.
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If you want sleeker hair, sleep on a satin pillow case, this tames frizz too.Delicate hair should follow this all the time. Also avoiding tying hair tightly at night.

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle damp hair, never brush wet hair as they are prone to breakage.

Avoid metal clasps on hair, use elastic without any metal band on them.

Always use conditioner and focus on the ends too, if you think conditioner is weighing down your hair, then avoid application on the roots.

My favorite tip is back combing hair with the head tossed downwards, then style as usual, this gives tons of volume.

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  1. Great tips.. *clap*,fantastic job.. *haan ji* ,thanks for sharing *thankyou* , but how to give the last rinse *pigtail* with cold water in winters… *scared*

  2. Great tips Neha. I follow some of them like airdrying without towel, backcombing head down for volume, blowdrying on cold etc. However I never found a good dry shampoo anywhere. Could you suggest one and where to find it pls.

  3. Hi Neha,
    Thanks for the wonderful tips… I’ve always wanted salon finish hair at home.
    I have tried some of the tips above, but i believe shampoo and the conditioner selection plays a major role, which I ve not found it right yet *headbang* *headbang*
    Please can you suggest a good shampoo and conditioner for oily scalp and dry hair (fine hair) to give salon finish look???

  4. Awesome article *woot* *woot* i loved each and every tip that you have mentioned *happydance* *happydance* *puchhi* superbly combined *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* i know as you mentioned at time greasy hair help a lot in styling the hair *happy dance* *happy dance*

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