Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion Review

Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion

While strolling through the supermarket, I found the Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion on a 50 percent discount. One part of my brain said that the fact that they are giving it on a discount itself means that it is not selling, so don’t buy it, but well, half price is something that even logic can’t win over.

Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion

So, I bought that body lotion and told myself that in case it doesn’t work for me, I could as well use it on my feet in the night and finish off the bottle. Does it work? Read on!

Comes in a 150 ml white-colored bottle, has a twist-open cap.



The lotion is supposed to whiten and protect. It is said to contain Sakura and Sandal extract with Lipo Vit C concentrate. They claim that it is an intensive non-greasy lotion that provides deep moisture and softens skin. It is supposed to have a UV filter that protects the skin from UV rays. Most importantly, they say that it transforms the complexion into becoming fairer, more luminous and even toned in 2 weeks!!!

Other Details:

It has a shelf life of three years. Has been manufactured in Malaysia by Unza and imported by Wipro. Price for 150 ml is 105 INR. The enhance range has a day cream, night cream, hand and body lotion, shower gel, sunscreen and toner.

My Take on Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion:

First thing that hit me when I opened the bottle was the strong fragrance of the body lotion. It is not fruity or creamy, but has a strong sandal-based smell. I could easily say that it smells like Fair and Lovely.  The smell lingers for about an hour and can be smelt all over the house when you apply it.

The consistency is not as thick as Vaseline Healthy white. It is runny and white in color. While the product claims that it can be used both day and night, I personally think that it is too light to be a night-time lotion. Also, the smell can be too strong to use it in the night.

body lotion

Also, it does not exactly get absorbed well into the skin. If your hands come in contact with water, you can feel the lotion dissolving and the hand becoming all slippery.

Pros of Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion:

  • It is an affordable body lotion in case you do not need intensive moisturizing.
  • It has a distinct scent that would make people take notice 😉
  • It comes from a reputed brand called Santoor. Also, they have a wide range of beauty products that are new in the market and can attract customers.

Cons of Santoor Enhance Hand and Body Lotion:

  • It says it has UV filters and is a day lotion, but there is no mention of Sun Protection Factor. Would I skip the sunscreen just because I used this? Definitely not!
  • It is light and runny, does not provide intensive moisture for super dry skin.
  • Even for normal skin, the effect wears off in a couple of hours.
  • Some people might find the smell too strong.
  • Will certainly not be sufficient as an overnight lotion.
  • That it induces fairness and even tones is not something that conscious consumers will fall for anymore.

Will I Buy Again/Do I Recommend?

The discount did me in and I bought it. Hence I am using it now until I empty the bottle. At 55 rupees for a 150 ml lotion, it was a good deal for me, but in case you want to buy it, do so only if you have normal skin and are going to use a sunscreen on top of it. Of course, it would help if you too find it at a discount. Otherwise, there are much better body lotions out there in the same price range.

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