Scalpe Lotion Review

Hi all!

Two years back I was diagnosed with a serious bout of dandruff. Tried all homemade remedies but none seemed to work . However when i started having sever hairfall due to dandruff my mother took me to a dermatologist and she recommended this scalpe lotion. Now again one month back i could see my dandruff showing again and i bought this shampoo. So decided to review it here.

The packing says:- For dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis of scalp. Which is acute dandruff problem.


scalpe lotion review


  •  Ketoconazole IP 2%
  •  Zinc pyrithione(ZPTO) 1%
  •  base qs.

Scalpe lotion’s main ingredient which makes it effective is Ketoconazole. You can find anti-dandruff shampoos, specially the ones that are prescribed by the dermatologist, contain Ketoconazole in various concentrations.

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scalpe lotion ingredients

  •  Price – 180 for 60ml.
  •  Life span- 2 yrs.
  •  Usage – Wet hair and scalp and apply sufficient lotion to produce enough lather.Massage for one minute and rinse with warm water.Repeat produce for additional 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry hair.Use twice a week for 4 weeks then use once weekly as maintainance therapy.

Comes in a pink bottle with a flip cap . Easy to remove and handle. It is very travel friendly.


My experience with scalp lotion

I started with it when I had severe hair fall due to dandruff.From the first wash it was very effective. You could see that loads of dandruff had been removed. My hair looked clearer and with less flakes.My head became clean and fresh like never before.The only problem is that it really dries out my hair . However thats not much of a problem as that can be sorted by using a conditioner.
However it is advised if you do not use any other chemicals on your hair while doing this treatment. Will give you best results then. I have severe oily scalp hence the dandruff and dry hair. This shampoo removes all the traces of oil. Normally I need to shampoo my hair daily else my hair goes limp . but this shampoo keeps the oil at bay for atleast two days and my head looks clean and fresh. Yay.I would suggest using this only on your scalp to avoid drying out your hair . It seems to work for me.

scalpe lotion bottle

Pros of the lotion :-

  •  Recommended by dermatologist.
  •  Very efficient .
  •  Light pink colour ;).
  •  Works from the first go.
  •  Reduces dandruff over all
  •  Mild fragrance.
  •  Easily available.
  •  Nice packaging
  •  Travel friendly
  •  Pretty reasonable considering the use
  •  Keeps my oily scalp at bay

scalpe lotion swatch

Cons of the lotion

  •  Drying effect.
  •  Does not lather well
  •  A proper quantity required
  •  With the dosage recommended will finish in one and a half month for people with medium hair.

My rating:- 4.5/5 (for dryness cut the point)

Will I buy it again ?
Hell yeah ! definitely if I get dandruff again but I hope not 😛

Verdict :- Must buy for all you people suffering from dandruff.

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9 thoughts on “Scalpe Lotion Review

  1. Hey hetal
    I have been using this shampoo for past three years..n trust me i cant thank my doc enough for prescribing it to me..
    Many times i have strayed towards much attractive products as well as luring adverts..but everytime i hv come back running after losing much hair..
    for drying part..i use loreal’s smooth conditioner (the one that comes in golden yellow bottle)
    for lather..i pre wash my hair with amways satinique shampoo n then rewash it with my genie bottle…
    Love it totally..glad i hv a sista hers 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am using this shapoo for more than 4 years now and this gives awesome treatment to dandruff…But It causes hairfall during washing out the shampoo…is there any remedy?? I have oily hair..

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