Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles Review

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Today’s review is about Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles. I have been using Scholl insoles from a few years now and I love the impact it creates. Recently I bought another one especially for open shoes. I have used it during warmer months and wanted to share my thoughts about it. Let’s get into it.

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review

Product Description:
Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles.
Invisible comfort.
Gel technology.
Suitable for shoe sizes UK 3 – 7.5, AUS 4-8, EUR: 35-40,5.
Suitable for all open sandals and heels.
Hidden comfort for open shoes.
Transparent gel with an extra slim design is discreetly hidden when worn in open shoes. The ultra-thin design doesn’t crowd toes while still cushioning the ball of the foot from pressure. Designed & assessed in consultation with foot care specialists. Non slip design ensures that your feet & insole stay firmly in place.

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review Cover Frontside

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review Cover Backside

How to use
Ensure inside of shoe is clean and dry before use
Remove plastic backing & look for marking to indicate left (L) versus right (R) insole
Place the insole sticky side down in the shoe
Place the front of the insole into the shoe under your ball of foot area
Replace after 6 months or first signs of wear
To remove the insole, pull it slowly and gently out of the shoe

Hazards and Cautions
Discontinue use if you experience adverse reaction.

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review How to Use

16€ for a pair

The gel is made of a thermoplastic elastomer that is used in a wide variety of products including insoles.

My experience with Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles:

The packaging is good and secure. It comes in a cardboard box with a transparent cover on top. One can see the texture and color of the product. Inside it is a pair of transparent insoles. The insoles have a sticky side which is protected with a thin film. The insole actually sticks inside the shoe and does not budge or slip. Of course, you can re-apply it, in the case of error but you know how irritating it can be. Since the insoles are transparent, no one will notice them when you take off the shoes.

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review Single Insole

These insoles are made for open shoes and hence are made very sleek and slender. When used with open shoes one cannot see the insoles at any corner this is because of esthetic reasons. But due to the narrow design, broad feet people like me will find it uncomfortable. I can feel the edge of insoles digging in to my soles and causing pain. I have broad foot and hence it is not best for me.
The material is quite soft and feels like cushion. Over all, it is very similar to other insoles from Scholl. I have tried using it in my pumps and also found it very uncomfortable. I planned not to use it any further. The insoles are easy to stick to the footwear. They can be easily reused on various footwears. The product also lasts a long time. Of course, it depends on the intensity of usage too. Lastly, it does not crowd toes.

Scholl Gel Activ Women's Open Shoes Insoles Review Cover Peel

There are few more cons other than being uncomfortable. The insoles cannot be washed. One has to wipe it with a wet cloth and these should be air-dried before reusing. Since this pair is intended for open footwear it tends to get dirty even more when compared to closed footwear. Since the material is silicon, it might warm up the foot especially during hot summers. The heat might lead to sweaty feet.
Overall it’s a good insole but not for people with broad foot. If you have narrow foot, you can reap the benefits of this insole.

Pros of Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles:

⦁ Stays firmly in place.
⦁ Gel material provides extra comfort.
⦁ Same pair can be used on more than one pair.
⦁ Lasts a long time. (more than a year, depending on usage)
⦁ Shock absorption for heeled shoes. (can be used on heeled or platform shoes too)
⦁ Does not crowd toes.
⦁ Suitable if the feet is small and narrow.

Cons of Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles:

⦁Cannot be washed.
⦁ Usage can cause sweat and heat, especially during hot summer days.
⦁ Due to sleek design, it hurts broad foot.
⦁ A little expensive.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Do I Recommend/ Repurchase Scholl Gel Activ Women’s Open Shoes Insoles?
I have used lot of Scholl insoles and loved it, but this one is absolutely not for me. I will not repurchase.I would recommend it only if you have small narrow feet.

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